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Weaknesses: What are yours and what are you doing about it?

First things first, lets establish what your weakness is.  Easiest way to do this is to ask yourself what the top two or three things are that you don’t want to see on the white board.  The things that you check at 9pm (when tomorrow’s WOD comes up) hoping it won’t be there.

If you are brand new to CrossFit, you can come back to this in a couple months when things have played out a bit more. You might be better at things then you think, once you get some time under your belt.

But for those of you who have been here struggling with the same things over and over again, I have to ask.  What are you going to do about it?  Just except that you aren’t good at it, and assume that even with practice you won’t improve.  Or better yet just assume that one day when it comes up you will miraculously figure it out. The harsh reality is these weaknesses need attention if you want them to improve.

O.K. so think it through and make your list, two or three at most and of course remember there is a certain order to things, we crawl before we walk, walk before we run.  Just the same, Pull-ups before Muscle ups.  And if you think Squatting is your weakness but you have skipped out on every Rowing day, lets not kid ourselves, strength is wonderful, we should all get stronger and our programming supports that, but weaknesses are weaknesses, deal with it.

Now before I go any further, I have to say I love it when I see people get to the gym early or stay late, get on a foam roller or pull out a band and lacrosse ball and hit some extra mobility.  By no means am I saying to stop that in any way. For some, mobility might be and is a huge weakness in terms of there movement they are struggling with, ie. Shoulder Mobility for OH squats.  So for you, keep going.

For those who struggle with something else, lets say Double Unders, just off of the top of my head, this is for you.  How do you plan on getting better at them? Practice perhaps. First look at your list, do you struggle with this because you don’t understand how to do it, such as a Snatch, or do you struggle because you have not practiced the movement/exercise enough? Also, consider getting your own skipping rope. Either at the front from us or somewhere else. It’s like a pair of workout shoes, you wouldn’t borrow workout shoes because you don’t know if they will fit, if they stink, if they feel right for you.. a skipping rope is a personal piece of equipment that has a set length, feel and relationship with the athlete, well worth the $20 to get your own and begin to work on the skill. We have four qualifies Coaches at Streets all of which love to help and want you to succeed.  So ask us for an extra set of eyes for a couple minutes, and oh yes sometimes it might mean getting an hour or two 1 on 1 sessions, or coming to a skill session/workshop, but isn’t it worth it to not be afraid of one of these movements, to start to even excel at them and move on to rounding out your skill set by attacking other weaknesses?

If you do know how to do it, you know the progressions you just struggle with it, then it might be a different story.  Ask yourself how many hours or even minutes you have spent working on these things in the last month.  If the answer is a couple minutes before the WOD which involves them then we might have our answer to why you are struggling.

So here is my suggestion, get in and work on them!

Seriously,  if you come to the gym 4 days a week, and you have a list of 3 weaknesses, with 15 min either before or after a class that is a full hour a week to work on those weaknesses. 3 of the 4 days can be skill work plus mobility in class and the 4th day could be skill work or just mobility. For 10-15 minutes after a WOD is a great time to still get on a lacrosse, utilize the bands and foam roll your business, you get back what you put into it. In one month you could allocate 4 hours towards weaknesses by simply working on them 15 minutes before a workouts starts! Or… don’t… and you may be frustrated down the road when those movements/exercises come up on the whiteboard down the road.

So lets say your list includes DU’s, Rowing, and Snatches, here is an example of what your week could look like.

** Yes classes come first so you might have to change your plan if the class is using something.


1.) 15 min Pre WOD Mobility
2.) WOD
3.) 15 min Skipping/ DU’s Practice


1.) 15 min Pre WOD Rowing Position Work with 2 – 3 500m Row repeats
2.) WOD
3.) 15 min mobility


1.) 15 min Pre WOD Burgener Warm Up (Its on the Board for everyday!!). Please ask if you forget.
2.) WOD
3.) 15 min mobility.


1.) 15 min Pre WOD Mobility
2.) WOD
3.) 15 min 3 – 4 250m row at easy pace with good positioning, with 1 – 2 min DU Practice in between.

Lets get to work and start crushing our weaknesses so they are no longer that. Please remember CrossFit Streets staff is here to help and that we find the most satisfaction in our jobs in helping you improve. Lets do this!

Coach Andrew


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