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Where do you go for your CrossFit, Mississauga?

CrossFit Streets wants to help you transform your life.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, we want to know– where do you go for your CrossFit, Mississauga?

Lots of our current clients carry horror stories from their previous CrossFit experiences; amped up trainers pushing them to tears, injuries that were never acknowledged, and teasing from more experienced members are too common, even if we only hear a
bout it once. These experiences can derail your efforts to improve your health, and can stop people who hear these stories from starting their own CrossFit journey.

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CrossFit Streets is different.

At our Gym, which we like to call our “Box,” the emphasis is on community. We welcome everyone who wants to set and meet their own personal fitness goals regardless of current experience or fitness. If you’re just starting out at CrossFit Streets, you’ll find yourself surrounded by people just like you; learning the ropes and making progress every day.

Is that it?

Heck no! Our programs include CrossFit classes, personal training, the After School Athlete, team and corporate training, and summer hockey training. And aside from our summer hockey program, there is room in every category for beginners and experts.

In addition, we also place a huge emphasis on the following:



A focus in our gym is meticulously ensuring it’s as clean as possible. We clean all day, every day to give our members the best possible environment to train in.

Trainer Education

Trainer Education

It’s important to know the person training you is qualified to do so. That’s why we only hire trainers with an excellent education in fitness. All of our staff members hold at least 6 certifications.

Client Education

Client Education

We want our clients to be versed in nutrition and to become more educated about the way their bodies work.

Training Programs

CrossFit Streets is not a typical gym

…with traditional training and an exclusive culture. We’re here to help anyone get fit and improve their overall health.

Take a look around our website and get comfortable with our culture. When you’re ready to talk, give us a call or stop by our Box at
2905 Argentia Rd, Unit #4, to experience our style of CrossFit, Mississauga.

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