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Tuesday Oct 21st

A) 3 by 10 Squat Jumps B) Clean Complex (Power Clean, Hang Power Clean, High Hang Power Clean) C1) 200m Front Rack Walk C2) 3 rounds for time: 21 KB Swings 15 Box Jumps 9 Clean and Jerks

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Monday Oct 20/14

A) Hamstring drops 3 by 5 – 8 B) 10 min EMOM Odd – RFE Split Squat by 5’s Even – Bench Press by 5 C) “Strict Cindy” 20 min AMRAP 5 Strict Pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 Air Squats   [blockquote style=”simple”] RFE Split Squat, Bench Press Any other questions about the Workout? […]

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Saturday Oct 18/14

A) 10 min EMOM Odd – 5 Front Squat Even – 5 HSPU (Deficit?) B) 16 min EotherMOM 10 Front Squat AMRAP Burpee for the remainder of that min rest the next min [blockquote style=”simple”] Front Squat HSPU Check out other movements and videos at our YouTube Channel here [/blockquote]

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Friday Oct 17/14

A) 10 min EMOM Odd – 5 Pull-ups Even – 5 Deadlifts B) “Ger Plus 1” 10 min AMRAP 1 DL 20 DU’s 2 DL 20 DU’s 3 DL 20 DU’s 4 DL 20 DU’s and so on C) Forearm work [blockquote style=”simple”] Our very Own Geraldine is expecting her first child on May 1.  […]

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Thursday Oct 16/14

A) Plank 3 by 60 – 120 sec (10 minutes) * Mobilize hip, glute, hamstring, ankle/calf, shoulder during rest periods between plank efforts. B) 20 Rep Max back Squat on Min 0, 4, 8. C) 2 rounds for time: 100 m run 10 Pistols 200m run 20 DB/KB Thruster 400m run 40 Wall Ball [blockquote […]

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Not feeling good? Time to work out?

It’s that time of year, you wake up and uh oh, tickle in the throat, stuffed nose, hint of a cough.  Whatever it is, you are sick.  Now what should you do about it? Before I go any further, I should say or admit I’m the worst at being too tough to admit I’m sick.  […]

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Wednesday Oct 15/14

A1) Footwork A2) Behind the head Pull-aparts 3 by 15 B) Snatch 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 * 20 minute cap. * Suggestions: Hit warm up sets from 0-6 minute mark. Hit your work sets at 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 minute mark. C) Prowler Pulls? [blockquote style=”simple”] Squat Snatch Power […]

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Tuesday Oct 14/14

A) 3 by 10 Squat Jumps B) Clean Complex to Warm up (Power Clean, Hang Power Clean, High Hang Power Clean) C1) 200m Front Rack Walk C2) “Thanksgiving Leftovers” 5 min AMRAP Row for cal rest 2 min 4 min AMRAP Power Clean (mid weight) rest 2 min 3 min AMRAP Burpees rest 2 min […]

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Monday Oct 13/14

Holiday Home Wod. 6 rounds for time: 20 Lunges 15 Sit ups 10 Push ups If you have family around, see if they would like to jump in. Make it a partner WOD, you go, they go.  Be careful and Have fun.  Enjoy it and don’t feel guilty about holiday food.  Back on track tomorrow!

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Saturday Oct 11/14

Hero WOD Bell 3 rounds for time of: 21 Deadlifts 15 pull-ups 9 Front squats (Same weight as DL)   [blockquote style=”simple”]Reminder the gym will be closed on Monday, a home WOD will be posted. Enjoy the long weekend![/blockquote]

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