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Saturday May 30/15

8am class today only. Partner WOD 15 min AMRAP P1 – Shuttle Run P2 – Shuttle Run P1 – 10 Push ups P2 – 10 Push ups P1  – 30 Air Squats P2 – 30 Air Squats

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Couples Throwdown WOD 5

WOD 5. “Hold me”  For time (12 minute cap)  P1: Hold OH (135/95 and 95/65) P2: 30 X T2B (scaled is Hanging Knee Raises) Once 30 reps are complete, athletes switch roles and complete the same sequence. P1: Hold Front Rack (185/105) P2: 30 X Single Arm OH Lunge Steps (15 on right arm, 15 […]

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Couples Throwdown WOD 4 A/B

WOD 4.A. “Six pack” For time: Max L-sit RX: Two 45lbs plates, Scaled: One 45lbs plate Feet must stay above and over top of the 45lbs plate. Feet touch and time stops. Heels move outside the circumference of the plate and time stops. Score is the time you hold. WOD 4.B. “Viagra” We aren’t telling, […]

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Couples Throwdown WOD 3

WOD 3: “Earthquake” 90 sec AMRAP P1 does prowler sprint, then sprint X 2. Followed by AMRAP OH Squat. Then P2 Does the same. X 3 Score is total Reps X weight Athlete Chooses Weight

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Couples Throwdown WOD 2

WOD 2: “Lust”  1 Round of :60 seconds at each station Burpee to Target Box Jump (24/20, 20/20) KBS (24/16, 20/12 kg) Transition :30 sec P1 does 3 minutes of work then after :30 transition, P2 does 3 minutes of work. Score is total reps.

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Friday May 29/15

Tomorrow, Saturday May 30 is the 2nd Annual “Couples Throwdown”.  There will be 1 CrossFit class and a Ladies Class, both at 8 am at CrossFit Streets. A) 0 – 15 WU/MOB B) 15 – 22 7 min AMRAP 25 KB Swings 15 Push Press 22- 29 – rest C) 29 – 36 7 min […]

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Couples Throwdown WOD 1

WOD 1: “Take me to bed”  6 min AMRAP @ 0:00 – Partner carry. Both athletes carry and are carried then AMRAP G2OH @ 3:00 – Partner carry. Both athletes carry and are carried then AMRAP G2OH One person working at a time for G2OH. RX is 135/95, Scaled is 95/65 Score is total reps […]

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Thursday May 28/15

A)20 Min Snatch X 2 1 Power Snatch, 1 Squat Snatch B) 3 min AMRAP Run 400m AMRAP OH Squats rest 3 min X 3

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The Bryan Robinson Story

My journey: My hopes in writing & sharing “my weight loss story”, is that it may inspire even just one person to believe in themselves. January 9, 2009, I weighed 334lbs. With the support of my family, friends and a caring trainer I lost 145lbs in 9 months. For anyone out there who is thinking […]

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Tuesday May 26/15

A) 15 min MU Work Hollow Hold/Transition B)Battle Ropes 4 X 20 sec rest 2.5min rest 5 min Heavy Prowler Pull X 4 (walk rest recover, 1 weight, do not increase)

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