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Thursday May 14/15

A) WU/MOB T-spine Single Leg Flexion B)10 min Hang Squat Snatch build to a heavy 2 reps 10 min Hang Squat Clean and Jerk build to a heavy 2 reps 0 Failed Reps C) 4 rounds 3 Squat Cleans 40 yard Dash rest 2.5 min  

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Tuesday May 12/15

A)WU/MOB Hollow Hold X 3 Ant Comp Smash LAX on Lats B) 15 Min MU Work C) AMRAP 3. 3 Muscle ups 25 Wall Balls 50 Double Unders. Rest 3 min. Repeat 2 more times.

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Friday May 8/15

A) MOB Lax on Glutes Super Front Rack B)10 min EMOM ODD – 30 sec Row for Cal, match for the rest of sets EVEN – 30 sec Wall Ball, match for the rest of sets 5 min rest C)10 min AMRAP 5 Strict Pull-ups 50 DU’s 30 sec L-sits

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Thursday May 7/15

Happy B-Day Coach Dan!!! A) MOB T Spine, LAX on Calf, 5 min Barbell group warm up A)10 min Build to a heavy 2 Snatch B)10 min build to a heavy 2 Clean and Jerk. 0 Failed Reps for both A and B C) Heavy Prowler Pull X 5 * Coach Dan is taking a […]

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Tuesday May 5/15

A) MOB Lax on Scap Lax on Glute Post Chain Floss B) Handstand Work 15 min Wall Walk, HSPU, Hand Stand Walk C) 4 rounds for time: 200m run 1 Rope Climb 10 tire flips

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