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Friday Oct 30/15

A) 15 min to Build to a heavy Squat Snatch if you fail 3 reps, you are done can’t Squat Snatch? Technique/squat work. B) 3 rounds for time: 5 Squat Snatch 15 Burpee over Bar

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Linda Andrejek Q and A

Member name:  LINDA ANDREJEK Member since:  AUGUST 2014 Nickname:  MAMA BEAR Favourite WOD (workout of the day): HMMMMM, ANYTHING NOT INVOLVING RUNNING  Favourite movement:  CLEAN (NOT THAT I’M GOOD AT IT BUT I LIKE IT WHEN IT’S DONE WELL) When I grow up I want to… TOO LATE How had CrossFit Streets impacted you inside […]

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Thursday Oct 29/15

A1) Deadlift 4 X 6 @3111 A2) Ring Dip 4 x 6 @3111 B) 3 rounds for max time: Back Ext hold L – Sits C) T Raises 3 X 15

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Wednesday Oct 28/15

A) Bear Crawl x 4 Set up/Movement Prep B) 10 min Partner AMRAP P1 – Row 200m 10 Burpees P2 goes -rest 5 min C) 10 min Partner AMRAP P1 – Double KB OH Carry 10 T2B P2 goes -rest 5 min D) 10 min Partner AMRAP P1 – 2 Rope Climb 10 Box Jumps […]

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Hey Bro whatcha eating?

What should I eat? How much? When? Why? “But so and so says…” “I heard you should…” You know the saying: “the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know.”  This is very true for me and the subject of Nutrition.  When I was 20 I thought I knew it all: eat lots […]

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Tuesday Oct 27/15

A1) Back Squat 4 X 6 @ 3111 A2) Pull-up 4 x 6 @ 3111 (20 min) B) For time: 15 – 20 Unbroken Wall Ball 1 Prowler Push rest 3 min X3 (12 min) C) Ham Drops 3 x 5 – 10 Ext Rot 3 X 12

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Monday Oct 26/15

A) 15 min to Build to a heavy Squat Clean if you fail 3 reps, you are done can’t squat clean? Technique/squat work. B) 12 min EMOM Even – 3 Squat Clean @ 75% of today’s lift Odd – AMRAP DU’s

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Saturday Oct 24

A) 10 Min EMOM 2 Clean and Jerks B) Open WOD 13.4 7 min AMRAP 3 – 6 – 9 – 12 etc. Clean and Jerk T2B

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Friday Oct 23/15

Warm up Burgener Warm up A) Snatch Complex Snatch/Hang Snatch/Snatch Balance 20 min – build or stay, don’t fail reps, B) 10 min AMRAP 1 Rope Climb 200m Run 5 Snatches

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