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Monday Feb 1/16

A) Front Squat 5 X 3 B) Front Squat AMRAP at 3 Weights, decreasing weight each set example 185, 135, 95 – rest 5 min between sets (you can stop and breathe as much as you want, but drop or rack the bar and the set is complete) C) Back Ext hold with 15 T […]

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Saturday Jan 30/16

A) Teams of Three Relay – 12 min AMRAP 5 Jerks 15 KB Swings rest  6 min B) In Teams of Three Relay – 12 min AMRAP 7 Pauly Logs Squats Row 100 m

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Friday Jan 29/16

Open WOD 14.4 Complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible in 14 minutes of: 60-calorie row 50 toes-to-bars 40 wall-ball shots 30 cleans, 135/95 20 muscle-ups  

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Monday Jan 25/16

A) Split Squat 5 X 6 B) 10 min EMOM Odd: 10 Burpees Even: AMRAP Lunges C1) RDL 3 X15 C2) T Raises 3 X 15

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Welcome to CrossFit Streets

Welcome to CrossFit at CrossFit Streets.   Here is what to really expect. (By Coach Dan and Andrew).   A learning curve. It’s new! This stuff may be new to you. That’s ok. Come in often. Practice. Do your best for that day with what you’re doing. Try to practice some things before or after […]

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Friday Jan 22/16

A) Movement Prep B) Pre-Wod C) Workout 11.4 Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of: 60 Bar-facing burpees 30 Overhead squats (120lbs / 90) 10 Muscle-ups

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