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Friday April 1/16

A) 10 min Footwork B) 12 min Goat AMRAP Pick 2 – 3 movements you need to work on. Pick REASONABLE Reps and weight and cycle through at a good pace for 12 min. Make your reps beautiful. C) 30 Sec Airdyne challenge

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Wednesday Mar 23/16

A) Power Clean 5 x 1.1.1 B) Teams of 3 3 x Row 500m each P1 goes then P2, then P3 *Post Slowest times to white board*

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Tuesday Mar 22/16

A) Press 5 X 6 B) For Time: 10 DB/KB Push Press 10 Box Jumps 15 Db/KB Push Jerks 10 Box Jumps 20 DB/KB Split Jerks 10 Box Jumps All S2OH are same weight C) Ext Rot. 3 x 15

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Monday Mar 21/16

A) Split Squat 5 X 6 B) In 11 minutes: Run 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile, or 3/4 mile (choose a distance you can finish in 6 minutes or less) In the time remaining, complete as much of the following list as you can: 30 Air Squats 30 Sit Ups 30 Plank Ups 40 Lunges 40 Bicycles 40 Push Ups […]

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