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Tuesday June 7/16

A) Footwork B) 10 min Goat Work work on 1 skill for 10 min C) *100 DU for time: or 300 Singles, or 30 Triples D) **3 min AMRAP of a GOAT *its been  a month of working on them, lets see what a month can do. ** pick something you have been working on […]

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Monday June 6/16

A) In 15 min Build to a 8 RM RFE Split Squat with DB or KB or 8 RM Step up with DB/KB (knee should be below crease of hip in the set up) B) Max Side Plank L/R C) For time: 15 min cap 1500 M Row 4 rounds of: 30 Walking Lunges 20 […]

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Saturday June 4/16

A) 10 min EMOM 2 Squat Clean and Jerk B) AMRAP 12. (Partner WOD, Leapfrog) 2 Wall Walks 15 KB Swings 100 m Row * Partner up with someone you have never partnered with before! It will change your life.

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Friday June 3/16

A)10 Min EMOM 3 Pull-ups B) 4 rounds for time: 1 Rope Climb 7 Ring Dips 15 Box Jumps C) Bent row/Ring row 3 x 15

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Thursday June 2/16

A) 10 min EMOM 2 Power Snatch B) 7 min AMRAP 1 Snatch 2 Burpee over bar 2 Snatch 4 Burpee over bar 3 Snatch 6 Burpee over bar, and so on C.) Today is “Bring a Friend WOD” at 7pm. Please introduce yourself to any new person (Do you remember your first time at […]

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