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Wednesday July 19/17

WOD: Skipping in the water with Cindy. Coach Brennon is getting married THIS Saturday! Guys Night this Friday. Details on the whiteboard. Hi everyone, we are trying to build and develop a strong community over time at the gym. It’s happening! and is a great feeling for many reasons for many of us. One way […]

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Tuesday July 18/17

WOD: Just call 1-800-AMRAP-5555. Run to your bar to awake it then cover it with sweat. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tarah Rogers. CrossFit Streets owner. Amazing Mom, Wife and human being. She’s works incredibly hard (and smart) behind the scenes and does not ever get enough credit for her efforts. We hope you have an amazing […]

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Saturday July 15/17

WOD: Sled, abs, Snatches. Pull up negatives. 3-4 sets of 4-6 reps with a 2-4 seconds negative. Rest 2-3 minutes between sets. Today’s theme for the wod is 80’s!! Wear something 80’s what whaaat. Reminder, in three Saturday’s (Aug 5th) we are having a viewing party for The CrossFit Games. Come on out and WOD, […]

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Wednesday July 12/17

WOD: D-abs. TruLocal Meats. Available through CrossFit Streets. Greg (the owner) was in twice last week and will be in again soon to talk about the service but essentially you can select a variety of high quality meat that gets delivered to your door for a good price. Check them out. No long term commitment.  […]

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Monday July 10/17

WOD: 4 Rounds of 21, 18, 15, 12…. Congrats to Mitch L who got hired to York Police! He moved here from out east and has been coming to afternoon Open Gym/evening classes while managing a security job with crazy hours. Good guy and a great thing that has happened to him. Way to go […]

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