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Saturday July 08/17

Today’s theme for the WOD is black. Wear something or ALL black! WOD: Teams of 3….  Olympic-Rowing-Climbs. Then, Pull up negatives. 3-4 sets of 4-6 reps with a 2-4 seconds negative. Rest 2-3 minutes between sets. We may have noticed PEG BOARD at Streets. Coach Dan be offering a FREE workshop today from from 11am […]

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Wednesday July 05/17

WOD: Heavy Single, Heavy Single, Heavy Single, Emom HUGE congrats to Brad and Tara who got engaged at CrossFit Streets this past Friday after the 12pm class. They met at Streets months ago.. did WOD’s together, fell in love, live together and are on their way to being husband and wife. Congrats to both of […]

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Tuesday July 04/17

WOD: Through the water. Not dirty. Up and over. Faster and faster. Reminders Today is the second day of the full WOD not being posted but instead some clues as to what is in store. If you are a 6am person, do everyone else a solid and do not disclose what the WOD is !! […]

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Saturday July 01/17

Today’s WOD is named after one of your coaches….. HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!! Today’s Saturday theme is RED. Wear something Red 🙂 Classes at 9am and 10am and Open Gym 11am – 12pm ONLY. Getting our coaches home early eh! We are closed Monday, July 3rd and back to regular schedule Tuesday, July 4th. You may […]

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