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Alex Halliday

“I was 19 years old, just graduated college, eating whatever I wanted and not doing any sort of physical activity. Weighing 220 pounds, I decided it was time for a change. A friend of mine recommended me to CrossFit Streets & and wrote me a meal plan. I began eating real foods, each meal having protein and vegetables, cut out “junk foods”, and decreased my carbohydrate intake. I began drinking more water, taking less milk and sugar in my coffee and cut out drinking and partying. I began to be more careful of what I was putting in my body, trying to have better sleeps at night and was at Streets 5-6 times a week. I was constantly learning my body and learning more about nutrition from all of the Coaches at Streets. I lost 50 pounds, gained muscle and strength and felt the healthiest I’ve ever been in just 1 year!”


Laura Peynado

“I’ve tried EVERYTHING. I’ve done Paleo, Keto, clean eating, low carb, counting calories, intuitive eating, etc. With trial and error I’ve gotten to know myself and my body. I found that you can’t out-train a bad diet. And I tend to overeat so the only way for me to make sure I don’t overeat is by tracking my meals. Being consistent in the gym and at home with my meals is what finally worked for me. Making no excuses for my food choices and just being determined in reaching my goals is my day to day!”



Mike Burns

“MB1.0 to 2.0…. a few years ago I decided to make some positive changes when it came to my personal health. I didn’t have any health issues because of my weight and sedentary lifestyle but I knew they could possibly be in my future. I decided to start  eating  healthy and in proper proportions. As well as I became physically active. I started with running as a way to prepare myself for  obstacle racing that I always wanted to do. I came to CrossFit Streets to help maintain and grow my healthy lifestyle. I’m driven by competition and the group/team environment. Streets makes  it easy to do so. ”



“Pre CrossFit while attending university I attempted going to the gym multiple times without much success. There was fear in touching a barbell, dumbbells, and various machines mainly because I had no idea what proper technique was which resulted in me sitting on a bike or going for light jogs on the treadmill every time I went. Body pump classes helped give me an idea of what moving weight at a higher intensity felt like, but the intimidation that was felt when staring at the squat rack prevented me from ever approaching it.

In 2015 while scrolling through my social media, someone posted a photo of ripped hands and mentioned the aftermath of a CrossFit workout. I found CrossFit Streets and was hooked ever since. Physical health has become one of my main priorities and since then, I have never looked back. There is always something to work on whether it be new nutritional habits or movements; a new goal to reach, but it’s safe to say that this is the fittest I’ve been since starting CrossFit back in 2015. The barbell and I are also best friends.”


Lori Torres

I was always active. Played in soccer leagues and enjoyed other sports in school teams. Then I joined a gym – going 2-3x a week – but was bored after a couple of years of routinely using the same weight/cardio machines and doing the same weight training sets. I needed something more challenging – that’s when I discovered CrossFit.

Initially started going 3x a week and I loved it! Lost some weight and improved on my fitness, but I still wanted to improve how I felt during and after “fitnessing”. Started going 4-6x a week while making small nutrition choices (which included cutting out bread for a couple of weeks) that completely changed how I felt and looked. While CrossFit has helped me improve in health and physique, I have also gained new friendships that will last a lifetime. CrossFit Streets has a “welcome home” atmosphere which is a HUGE reason why I am where I am today. Thank you CrossFit Streets for opening your doors to me and helping me improve my fitness journey. Looking forward to what’s ahead!

Amit Bhojwani

Stopped eating carb heavy diet, followed a low carb high protein diet. Completely gave up drinking and eating out. Wanted to achieve an unthinkable transformation  which drives me everyday back into the gym

CrossFit helped me stay motivated, joining CrossFit made me more strong, lean and way more conditioned. Did things I never would have done by myself, it has made me think different and feel different about fitness.

CrossFit has made me come closer to my goals and made me realize I can achieve the unthinkable.



Last 10 months with CrossFit Streets have changed me as an individual, and I am proud of what I have achieved under the watchful eyes of excellent coaches/trainers.

My lifestyle was very inactive since I immigrated to Canada back in 2008. Working two jobs with Full-time School, I had no time to focus on my health and fitness. As a result I went from 160 lbs. (2008) to 220 lbs. (Early 2017), sadly pure fat not muscle.  A young graduate, embarking on a professional career, I always felt something was missing, and the answer was HEALTH/FITNESS. I remember the days when walking a block seemed a stretch, going down on my knees to grab something from the bottom shelve of the fridge felt like getting up with a heavy rock in your hand. All these years I always had a gym membership but I can only recall going to gym maybe twice in 9 odd years. I felt it was time, and I had to do something. With my busy schedule, I knew I would never make it to gym on my own to stare at weights/machines wondering what to do, and then I came across a term ‘CrossFit’.

Completely new to the concept, I researched for a week and found out about a local CrossFit box close to my house ‘CrossFit Streets’. One thing that attracted me the most at that time about CrossFit Streets was the 8 classes ‘On-ramp’ program they have for beginners. Yes I was a beginner and I needed help, next thing, I walked in and spoke to a coach (March 2017). Today, I am 50 pounds lighter and most importantly I am HEALTHY/FIT. My body can do things now that I could not even imagine doing before. I can run 10K. Yes you read it right; I am the same person who used to lose his breath walking a block 10 months ago. I can do power lifting, I can do gymnastic movements and none of this would have been possible without the Streets family. It was all step by step. Dan, Tarah and their team of coaches were always there to guide me.

CrossFit Streets is not just regular gym on the street, it’s a family. We work out together, encourage and feel happy for each other’s achievements every single day. Honestly, I am addicted and look forward to working out every day after work. No matter how my day went, that one hour at the box is my time. Every movement I can now do was work in progress at some stage, and the coaches were always there to guide me and make me the individual I am today. Last thing I am going to say is that you will hear/read that weight lifting and compound movements are dangerous and one should perform them safely. I agree one should perform them safely, but NO they are not dangerous. With guidance, hard work and dedication you can achieve these movements, and that is what you get at CrossFit Streets.

Tim Norris

I had gained a ton of weight when I took paternity leave. It got to the point where I was having back issues. On a plane ride back from the U.K. I decided I needed to make a change. I researched Keto and looked to Thomas Delauer for information and ideas on how to do Keto healthy. I dropped 40 pounds in about 4 months and the last 20 took another 3 months. In conjunction with healthy eating and CrossFit I’ve been able to maintain a healthy weight. I currently try to go to CrossFit 4X a week and I cycle in and out of Keto. I still don’t eat bread, baked goods (yes that means donuts) and pasta. On cheat days I’ll have some potatoes and rice (brown) to go along with my cheat meal. I try to eat clean as much as possible. I also do the intermittent fasting 16/8, 7 days a week. I sometimes have my cheat meal on Saturday and have been know to partake in a few beers on Saturday night. Dave is right consistency is key. I do CrossFit 4 times a week and have really nailed down the diet. I find that by eating clean I’m recovering faster from our WODs, and feel better when doing our workouts.


My journey at Crossfit Streets started in 2015 with my son and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. A friend of mine had just joined Crossfit and her enthusiasm caught my interest.

At the time, I was looking for a new sport to overcome boredom from my regular cardio workout routine of swimming, biking and running. I did a few triathlons with my husband and friends, we had built a small community, but over time, it fell apart. I was looking for that community feel again, which I found at Crossfit Streets. I also knew that I needed to gain strength as I felt limited with what my body could do (had to rely on hubby for any heavy lifting), and I also wanted to improve my poor posture.

I didn’t love Crossfit right away. Weightlifting was so foreign to me, and felt so intimidating as I had never touched a barbell before. With lack of upper body strength, I started Crossfit with no pull up nor push up. With perseverance, practice and help from the coaches, I started seeing small progress, which kept me coming back for more. I started to believe that with hard work and consistency, that anything was possible. Committed to 3 times/week at the beginning as my body needed that time to recover. Slowly built up to 4 times a week, and now 5 times/week feels just right!

I became curious on nutrition. Could altering my eating habits help me perform better at the gym and recover faster? I quickly found that it did. I started avoiding added sugar and processed foods, reducing alcohol, increasing protein, vegetables/fruits and healthy carbs. I also removed dairy from my diet as it was an inflammatory food for me.

The rest of my family has since joined, and working out with my husband and 2 teenagers has been a blessing and bringing us closer as a family. My children are in good hands at Crossfit Streets and I love seeing positive physical changes as well as in their character development.

Thank you Crossfit Streets for helping me be a better version of myself, at age 45. I am healthier, stronger and more confident, and feel that I can overcome anything life throws at me.

David Seeley

So I started CrossFit in January and weighed in at 230lbs. At 5’9, I obviously way too heavy. As of this morning I am 185. So what did I do? Starting CrossFit was key and I thought going 3 times a week would make an impact. Dan set me straight and got me going 5 times a week. I found going Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and then deciding on either Wednesday or Thursday worked best for me. From a nutrition standpoint I started with healthy common sense choices like not having three beers and chips while I watch the Leafs. Eating more protein and vegetables and less breads and pastas. I love pizza so that was a tough one. In March, I started intermittent fasting where I eat nothing from 8:00 pm until noon the next day (except coffee and tea). I do this Monday to Friday and take the weekends off (still healthy choices though). The only supplements I take are a post workout protein shake (try the key lime pie from the gym) and omega 3 fish oils. It has worked for me. Biggest thing consistent at the gym 4 or 5 times, healthy choices, and fasting (even 3 times a week) and the pounds come off. Oh and I use an app to track what I eat and do at least 72 oz of water.

Happy to talk in person about my experience.

I also turn 50 next week so age and slower metabolism didn’t seem to play as much of a factor than I thought.

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