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CrossFit training from a highly educated team of fitness coaches who care about your personal health goals.

Heard all the buzz about the latest in building a better body, and decided to sign up for CrossFit classes? You’ve come to the right place.


CrossFit Streets is an open community for anyone looking to work towards their own personal fitness goals, run by a professional, highly educated staff of trainers who are all certified at least 6 times over. Don’t let the stereotypes about CrossFit culture fool you: these guys and gals are more than just a team who scream like would-be drill sergeants. They’re your partners for personal fitness, offering you the support and encouragement you need to meet your goals while keeping you motivated and driven for every minute of your training.

Dan grew up being involved in organized team sports and fitness training. Playing OHL Hockey and Canadian...

Co-owner and Head Coach

Tarah is a multi-talented, driven and passionate person. She has been doing CrossFit since 2010...


I was a pretty active child growing up; my parents call me their “Monkey”....

I love CrossFit. Getting stronger, faster and fitter really fires me up. However, I wasn’t always that way...

For Babis, CrossFit was love at first sight and he has been training and coaching since 2015.

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Our staff are proud to work for a friendly, welcoming fitness community that encourages everyone to come out and train, and is always enthusiastic and excited to help newcomers plan and meet their health goals. Sound like a gym you can get on board with? Then contact us today to learn more about our team and facility.

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