Crossfit Streets

What’s it like working out at our Box?

Gym? Studio? No way. This is our Box!

In CrossFit it’s not called a Gym, it’s a Box- and ours is a modern, clean and friendly one. We take pride in the appearance of our Box because it’s a reflection of our community. We want it to be as welcoming as the people who work with us.

Tell me more!

CrossFit Streets is located in a 5,100 sq ft building and includes 3,400+ sq ft of sanitary and secure rubberized training floor.

On our trainingCrossFit Streets floor you’ll find:
  • 8 lifting racks
  • Tons of weights
  • Multiple pull up stations
  • Medicine balls
  • Rowing machines
  • Encouragement

All our equipment is brand new from Canadian supplier, Tonic Performance and can take everything our training programs throw at it, including a good dose of high-energy music to keep our clients energized.

Let the sun shine in

The friendly atmosphere in our Box is complimented by our large bay doors, which we leave open throughout the summer. The fresh air and sunlight is invigorating and provides an extra charge to your workout. Even if the doors are closed, our very high ceiling gives the Box great air circulation and a system of bright, warm lights eliminates the warehouse feeling many other Boxes elicit.

our box

Bring your family!

With ample parking and a family friendly lounge, your young family members can watch their parents get healthy. We encourage you to bring everybody out to watch you meet your next milestone. Our Box has more than enough space to accommodate everyone, and our facilities don’t exclude those with wheelchairs or other mobility challenges.

Our Box is a reflection of our culture, but don’t take our word for it.

Stop by and see for yourself or call and talk to one of our highly educated training staff today.

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