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Read about the CrossFit transformation Mississauga has already undergone in these real testimonials.

From our private clients

Started CrossFit in Sept. 2016 at 199 lbs (never made it to 200 lbs). Weighed in yesterday at 189 lbs…

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…(first time under 190 in 20 years). High school weight : 168 lbs
University weight: 172 lbs

Cathy shops well and she prepares great healthy meals. The change in my diet over the past year was quite simple.
• 50% less refined sugar
• 100% more water
• 25% less coffee
• 25% less bread/pasta
• 5% less calories

When I feel hungry, I can’t resist the urge to eat. This is a weakness that I have. I will always eat if I am hungry. My other problem is portion size. The portion on the plate is still too big (and I don’t have any discipline at an all you can eat buffet).

There are only two things that work to reduce the hunger – 1) steel cut oats in the morning and 2) intense exercise (not hockey). I don’t need to eat after an evening CrossFit workout. A banana and a half portion is all that I need.

Other big changes:
• No longer a candidate for a hip replacement. X-rays showed advanced osteoarthritis in both hips 10 years ago.
• Slightly better posture.
• No more acid reflux. It just went away.
• Significantly reduced dizziness when laying down or looking up.
• Improved mobility

Next important goals:
• Improve sleep quality and duration
• Reduce high cholesterol
• Eliminate lower back problems
• Improve circulation in legs

Bill Corrigan
CrossFit Streets member

Before I joined the After School Athlete program, I wasn’t very athletic and I was not very happy…

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…with my body and my physical strength. When I showed up to my first class, I was a little nervous but it ended up being fun. The other kids in my class were really nice and friendly. The coaches are nice and super encouraging. They always make you push your limits and do your best in all the workouts. I decided to enroll in the program and I quickly started seeing progress. I was in much better shape and I was getting stronger every day. Now, two years later I can lift some pretty heavy weights and I can run a 5k without struggling and walking. I’ve made some good friends through Crossfit Streets and it’s been a great journey so far. Overall, joining the After School Athlete program has probably been the best decision I’ve made in my life so far.

Kendall Pauls
CrossFit Streets member

Our son started the after school athlete program in 2015 when he was 13 years old…

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…Over the past 2 years we’ve seen a tremendous improvement in not only his physical fitness, but also in his self discipline and self confidence. The work ethic he developed at CrossFit Streets helped drive him to find a part-time job and achieve better grades in school. He even entered a couple of CrossFit competitions with his friends from Streets, and we find that he now really tries his best at all aspects of his life.
The coaches always make classes fun and enjoyable. They teach the value of hard work, respect and teamwork; it’s great to see how the kids have learned to always encourage each other. The coaches focus on safe techniques to prevent injury and set a strong foundation for all sports. Enrolling our son at CrossFit Streets was one of our best decisions!

Tom & Audrey Pauls
CrossFit Streets member

Crossfit Streets is a great place and Dan and Tara are doing something wonderful…

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…to help the community get on the right track to health and fitness. Jordan and myself have been a part of Crossfit Streets for a couple of years now and although I am not there as often as I would like to be, due to my work and travel schedule, I am glad to be a part of it and workout whenever I can .

I have been actively involved in sports and fitness from the time I was in High School and realise the importance of a balanced lifestyle exercise and healthy eating and wanted to carry that forward to Jordan. One of my big concerns was getting Jordan started with weight training in a safe and efficient manner. Coach Dan and Coach Drew addressed all those concerns. Through the guidance of both of them and Coach Lindsay and the other coaches and being there regularly, I can personally see Jordan’s progress in his development both physically and mentally. The after school athlete program is an excellent place for young kids aged 11 and above to start their fitness regimen. It is a safe and controlled environment and the coaches are well trained .If continued though their early adulthood I can only imagine the calibre of this new generation of athletes that this program brings.

The biggest bonus, I get to workout with my son and that helps us create a lifelong bond that is sometimes lost in today’s day and age.

Fabian D’Souza
CrossFit Streets member

The CrossFit after school athlete program is an amazing program for anyone who wants to be fit…

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…or are on any kind of team and are looking to improve themselves physically and mentally. The after school athlete program is a great place to start being a healthier person. This program also helps to boost your self-confidence and physical performance. It is a safe environment for kids and teens to learn and practice CrossFit movements and to learn how to use weights properly. The coaches and other athletes make everyone feel welcome and there’s no prior experience required. Everyone learns and progresses at their own pace. I myself have completed 2+ years in the after school athlete program and have moved into adult courses. The after school athlete program is a great easy to get familiar with the movements at a young age. Overall through the program I improved my physical fitness, boasted my self-confidence and felt great about myself as a young athlete. This program is for everyone interested in bettering themselves.

Jordan D’Souza
CrossFit Streets member

Dan Rogers is a fantastic coach, very knowledgeable and capable of helping you achieve the next level…

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…regardless of your current ability. Can’t wait to see the new facility. Congratulations Dan & Tarah!

Dwayne Dunnill
CrossFit Streets member

Dan has been my trainer/coach for just over a year. I started with no CF experience but set my goal…

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…to improve my overall health and enhance my strength/posture for my golf game. Dan is not only a fantastic CF trainer specially in areas of EMS training, hockey and golf but he’s also an avid golfer – so I knew I was in good hands. He’s amazing at motivating, he’s such a natural at coaching and the results he’s brought out of me in a year are nothing short of AWESOME! I’ve learned so much and he’s been super patient with my crazy schedule. I can’t wait for what lies ahead in year 2 and I’m so happy for Dan and Tarah in their new box!

Peggy Conderan
Private Client

Dan is such a great motivation in the gym. He pushes you, encourages you and brings you out of your comfort…

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…zone by showing his confidence in you. His experience and knowledge really shines through in the way he instructs a class and during one on one training sessions. Definitely going to be missed!!

Melissa Pirillo
Private Client

Dan Rogers has coached me since I started CrossFit nearly 4 years ago. He is highly skilled…

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…and knowledgable and takes athlete safety very seriously. He is direct and won’t let you cut corners. I’ve learned a lot from Dan and am thankful for his coaching. Looking forward to visiting his new box!

Jason Gervais
Private Client/ CrossFit Streets member

I started training with Dan after 2 years of doing Crossfit and 1 year off. Now I’m back and he has been amazing as a trainer!

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He knows my physical limits but doesn’t let me get away with wimping out (and yes he knows the difference between I physically can’t and I just “think” I physically can’t!!). With all the issues I have I’m still seeing results and I’m impressed with my progress and growing skill set. I’m far from an athlete but I’m getting stronger and more confident! A lot of the training is new movements that seem foreign but with practice it’s been better and better and Dan has great patience when it comes to teaching, because let’s face it…sometimes I just don’t get it, it’s hard! He’s great at building confidence and really attentive to what you’re doing. He has a great way of encouraging that’s not fake or over the top. He’s very thorough in his explanations (sometimes painstakingly so…sorry Dan!) and genuinely cares about how you’re doing, what you’re doing and making sure you push to be better.Thanks for all the help! Hidden content

Terina Lemon
Private Client

Fire Combat Prep I have had the privilege of participating in a number of class sessions with Dan as the primary Instructor and…

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…have worked with him in various club hosted events. Dan is very passionate and committed to his job and creates a professional no-nonsense environment in which to train or work. In January of 2012, I enlisted Dan’s services as a personnel trainer to design, implement, and guide me through a workout program geared to competing in the fire fighter combat challenge. His positive attitude and enthusiasm inspired and motivated me during the many hours of training. Dan cares about people and inspires them to meet their individual goals. I sincerely appreciate this as it has had a great impact on my successful results.In my opinion, Dan’s strongest quality is being a team player. Even when participating in competitions, despite the fact that quite often his skills and talents are superior to other members and competitors, Dan puts the team results above his own. Dan is a leader and periodically manages the gym in the owner’s absence. He leads by example and clients and friends alike respect his opinion.

Tim Roberts
Fire Combat Prep

I approached Dan in approximately May of this year for help in getting prepared for the PREP test because I was concerned…

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…I wasn’t physically ready to pass. I took a “Trial PREP” at that time and barely passed with a time of 2:37. (Pass is 2:42 or less) The REAL test was booked for August 6th. Dan was dedicated to helping me ensure my strength, aerobic and anaerobic was up to par. He took the time, voluntarily, to meet with me in the gym and set up work outs for me specifically to help me get through the PREP. He pushed and encouraged me until a few weeks before my test and told me I was ready.August 6th came and I killed the PREP and even shaved 11 seconds off my time! Without Dan’s solid advice, encouragement and skill as a trainer I do not think I would’ve been in the physical shape to have done that. I would not hesitate to use Dan for my personal training at any time. Thanks Dan!

Julie Hadley
911 Prep

High School Phys-Ed Class During the 2012-2013 school year, Dan came to Milton District High…

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…School and ran a couple of CrossFit classes with my GLD, Discovering the Workplace, class. His sessions were very valuable to my students as they learned more about CrossFit and where they can go within their own community to be physically active. Dan brought new and fun exercises to each class, and was a great motivator for my students. During each session students were always engaged, they enjoyed being physically active, and Dan had an excellent rapport with students. Dan also related his workouts to everyday/workplace activities for my course. I highly recommend Dan to come into schools and run his CrossFit classes. They were great experiences for students!

Katherine Parker,
Milton District High School
High School Phys-Ed Class

High School Phys-Ed Class I am pleased to offer this letter as a reference and testimonial…

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…for Crossfit trainer Dan Rogers. We have had the pleasure of having Dan present two Crossfit sessions to our grade 9 Phys-ed classes, the first was a circuit type of class and the second was a basic Olympic lifting lesson. The students enjoyed both sessions, thereby prompting our department to arrange future sessions with Dan and Crossfit.Dan’s sessions enlightened the students and opened their eyes to more ways that they could remain active in their post-secondary life. Dan’s leadership style and passion for fitness engaged the students throughout the sessions. With today’s youth having many distractions, we feel it is important to show and share with the students many ways that they can stay active their whole lives. Dan’s sessions most definitely helped us fulfill this approach.

Simon Vanellis,
CKSS Phys Ed Dept
High School Phys-Ed Class

Dan has worked with my secondary school physical education classes for the past two years…

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…He has introduced my students to the world of CrossFit with exciting, challenging workouts that are safe and progressive. I look forward to having Dan work with my classes again in the future.As a Crossfitter myself, I can personally attest to the passion and energy that Dan brings to the sport. I always enjoy Dan putting me through a workout.Thanks, Dan. You are an amazing ambassador to the sport of CrossFit.

Jerry Fraelic,
Loyola C.S.S Phys Ed Dept
High School Phys-Ed Class

Training with CrossFit over the summer allowed me to prepare myself both mentally and physically…

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…for my year of hockey. The training and workouts I participated in made me a stronger hockey player and overall athlete. I was able to accomplish a lot more than I thought I would due to the commitment I made to CrossFit over the summer and the program that they put me through.

Andrew Dodson.
Carleton Place Canadians. CCHL
Summer Hockey Program

Training with Dan has improved my…

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…all around strength. It really helps prepare me for my season, in all aspects of hockey including speed, explosiveness, conditioning and all around strength giving me an advantage over my opponent throughout the whole season.

Josh Dickinson,
Major Midget Halton Hurricanes (OMHA) and Sudbury Wolves 8th Round Pick, 2013 (OHL)
Summer Hockey Program

Thanks for all the great training this season i smashed my fitness test out of the park…

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…My vertical jump increased by 10 inches (17-27). Every thing else increased so thanks. I’m definitely going to be coming during the school year.

Mitchell Popp,
Gilmour Academy (GLHL)
Summer Hockey Program

CrossFit is a huge part of me getting to where I am in Major Junior Hockey…

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…The workouts make you push beyond your limits enabling you to become a better athlete and to have you ready when it’s the last minute of the game. The trainers are great, they’re professional, and they know what you do in the gym helps you on the ice. You can’t ask for a better facility to train in, it has everything you need to get better and it’s a good, fun, hardworking atmosphere. Training with high caliber hockey players and athletes helps a lot because we all have competitive personalities and we feed off that to push harder and get better everyday.

Connor Brown,
Ottawa 67’s (OHL)
Summer Hockey Program

Training CrossFit for my off-ice training helped me to achieve my on-ice goals…

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…by making me stronger and faster. It really helped me step my game up that extra level giving me more cardio to play more minutes, stronger all round to battle with the best and improved my quickness so I could beat guys to pucks. I would attribute CrossFit to my personal success in hockey.

Jason Dickinson,
Guelph Storm (OHL)
Summer Hockey Program

“I had the pleasure of having Dan and Andrew attend my workplace for a Lunch and Learn on Fitness and …

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…Nutrition. To say the hour was a success is an understatement. The level of Nutrition, physical activity and age within the group of twenty was a wide range. Dan and Andrews’ relaxed and engaging style allowed all levels to understand and interact openly and often. This was very much appreciated as some colleagues were very timid even to attend the session given their lack of nutritional knowledge and level of activity. Once the presentation was complete, I received lots of positive feedback on both the information shared and the great job from the presenters. The aftermath of this presentation resulted in a department wide team fitness challenge with 20 eager people building confidence and coming outside their comfort zone to push a little harder and work together to achieve results

Thank you for doing an amazing job and setting my work team up for success.”

Shawn Smith
Mississauga On

It was great to go to Crossfit and move around during last period once a week because usually at …

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…the end of the day I’m tired. After doing Crossfit, it gave me the energy to do things that I need to do after school. It was great.

Luka: Grade 8 student Lisgar Middle School
I liked it (Crossfit) because it helped me learn work outs and it improved my form. It thought it was fun. It gave me something active to do.

Thomas: Grade 8 student Lisgar Middle School
Crossfit helped me with the workouts and where I was going wrong. It helped me get to know people. It was fun and I would do it again.

Rhianne: Grade 8 student Lisgar Middle School
I think Crossfit is fun and helps you get healthy and helps you get strong.

Terrance: Grade 8 student Lisgar Middle School
Crossfit ws good. Sometimes it was hard but with practice, I was able to get the exercises. Dan helped us and encouraged us and explained how the exercises would benefit us.

Marcus: Grade 7 student Lisgar Middle School
Participating in the CrossFit Streets program was amazing. It was very fun to work out. Coach Dan made very fun exercises for the class.

Hieu: Grade 7 student Lisgar Middle School
I think that CrossFit is a good way to get active and fit. I like it a lot.

Tristan: Grade 7 student Lisgar Middle School
Thank you. It helped me for ice hockey. I’m faster on the ice.

Mary Ann
Lisgar Middle School
Mississauga On

‘Our inside and outside sales teams were not talking, workload and pressure were to blame. We decided to try…

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… and address this with a team building exercise. As a member of CrossFit streets I decided to engage Dan and the team to host a team building event.

Dan was fantastic at bringing together a dysfunctional team and engaging them in a way that encouraged team work and communication.

Following the event the team talked a lot about cross fit … Mainly how tired they were! The pressure and workload are still there but the communication ‘freeze’ has been thawed and the team are now beginning to communicate.

I would thoroughly recommend streets to anyone looking for a team building event for their organization’.

Jon Fowkes

CrossFit Streets visited our Middle School today and demonstrated a fresh, innovative…

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… way of getting students to move. Remarkably, they were able to get a gym full of 90 students moving in a vigorous manner while having fun at the same time.

Ruth Thompson Middle School
Mississauga Ontario

I Contacted Dan July 2014, about getting physically and mentally prepared for my Police PREP test. It was something …

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… that was new to me, I have always been a athlete growing up being involved in many different sports competitvetly. But the PREP test was something new for me involving a different aspect in training. I had been going to practice prep sessions and was not getting the results I wanted. My first practice time was 2:30 and when it came down to test day my final time was 2:12. Just recently contacted Dan April 2016, with very short notice, having to prep for the updated and challenging new police PREP. I let him know I only have 3 weeks to prep for this test and his instance response “We will get you ready for it”. Once again just completed my actual test and passed and my biggest obstacle was Randy the dummy drag and lets say “I killed it”. Through the years of my training sessions Dan has been a awesome coach and always willing to go above and beyond to met my goals. To having my workouts ready each session, staying past his work hours to accommodate my schedule, being a mobility guru to insure my reoccurring injury did not hinder my performance. Overall, Coach Dan’s dedication and encouragement has made me stronger physically and mentally, by bringing me out of my comfort zone and showing his confidence in me, along with his experience and knowledge. Loved every moment of my one on one training sessions, let just says…”NEVER A DULL MOMENT”. Will return with out hesitation.Thank you Coach Dan

Nitty Madhar

When I started CrossFit at Zimmer Biomet on my lunches I thought I was in good shape from a regular jogging routine…

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… The difference I see in my overall strength and endurance since starting 6 months ago in incredible. I am faster, far stronger and my jogging endurance has improved. I feel better in general and love how much stronger I am. The fact that it is on my lunch is amazing as I burn off stress and feel energized for the afternoon and am much more productive.

Lisa Reilly
Zimmer Biomet

When I first learned about crossfit at Zimmer Biomet, I was excited and…

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… felt okay yah this should be interesting. Came to my first class and got slapped literally in the face. I wasn’t fit as I should be for a 25 year old and my previous workouts outside of cross fit were never structured and all over the place. Felt like a bum. A year later, I feel great. I’m on my way to becoming better and getting fitter. The workouts have helped me mentally, in the work place, physical and overall I feel fantastic. They have helped me eat better and live a healthier lifestyle. I would recommend workouts with Coach Dan/DJ from CrossFit Streets because through crossfit and their guidance I’m able to enjoy life to the fullest. I feel great and there’s only one way to go from here. Up.

Vivek Patel
Zimmer Biomet

I tried to write a decent testimonial but I got caught up in appealing to the business minded and may have come off as cheesy…

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… In any case, I created two: one focused on the parent benefits, one focused on the workplace benefits. Feel free to mix and match as you see fit. If you want me to attempt another one with a different focus, let me know via email. I’m one of the few who isn’t so good at telepathy 😉
One to appeal to parents in workplaces:
As a busy mother of twins, my personal health and fitness suffered as I couldn’t find time for exercise. I often found myself fatigued, sluggish and stressed throughout my day. With Crossfit Streets workouts offered at work, I had an opportunity to help myself while still getting home on time. After 18 months of Crossfit workouts, I am stronger, more focused and able to keep up with my kids’ energy and enthusiasm. I highly recommend workouts with Coach Dan and Coach DJ.
One workplace-focused :
When I started doing Crossfit workouts at lunch, I was sure I was too weak and out of shape but thought I would give it a shot as I didn’t have to go anywhere. After my first week of classes, I was hooked. I found myself more focused and less stressed after the workouts leading to an increase in overall productivity. It also provided an opportunity to interact with coworkers that I didn’t touch base with regularly leading to more constructive team work in the office. I highly recommend workouts with Coach Dan and Coach DJ.

Christine Dugger
Zimmer Biomet

When I started doing workouts at ZimmerBiomet I was excited but uncertain on learning/performing Olympic lifts…

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… in crossfit style WODs. Now I am gaining confidence and enjoying performing movements in safe and manageable weight levels and repetitions (Coach Dan says scaling is cool)…. The workouts have helped me with work day balance and building strength to confidently play rec sports on weekends. I would recommend workouts with Coach Dan/DJ from CrossFit Streets because it’s challenging but rewarding.

Mark Sun
Zimmer Biomet

Dan/DJ from Cross Fit Streets come into our office 3 days a week and put us through some intense but amazing workouts…

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… They have taught us many lifting techniques and they teach in a style that allows people with any level of fitness to join.
I would recommend Dan/DJ because they spend the time to ensure everyone is doing the exercises properly and are very good at changing up workouts for anyone who has a previous injury or is unable to do a specific movement. The workouts breakup the day and force me to get up from my desk, which I don’t do enough otherwise and I have seen increased strength, energy, and better overall cardio from my workouts with Dan/DJ

Ryan Thomas
Zimmer Biomet

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