Crossfit Streets

Babies & Barbells … my journey through pregnancy and fitness!

Babies & Barbells … my journey through pregnancy and fitness!

Two years ago I was introduced to Crossfit and I was hooked from day one.  I joined Streets the day they opened and my scheduled consisted of at least 4 visits to the box each week.  My goals – learn something new each class, push myself to go beyond my limits, and have fun while keeping fit!

Then, 42 weeks ago, my life changed when I found out I was pregnant.  After sharing the news with my family I felt it was important to tell my coaches.  I had no plans of stopping my workouts but knew that the time would come when I needed to adjust for my safety and the baby’s.

During the initial weeks, my regime stayed the same but there would be times when I was super tired and working out was the last thing on my mind – but I would push myself to make it to Streets and get a WOD in.  It may have taken some motivation to get there but once the workout was done, I was thrilled that I made it.

As 3 months hit, my amazing coaches at Streets helped to announce my great news!  See below at the noon class as we completed the “Ger + 1” WOD.  From day 1 everyone at streets was extremely supportive of my exercising but that wasn’t the case for everyone!

ger 4

For some, as soon as they heard I was expecting they would say – “Your going to stop going to the gym and cut out all that heavy lifting right?”  “You aren’t still working out are you?” And the pregnancy apps (yes there is an app for everything!) suggested light walking to brisk walking was good exercise but they weren’t suggesting hand stand pushups, deadlifts and double unders!  So I was starting to question if my exercise regimen was ok!?

Around the 4-5 month mark, it just so happened that there was a ton of news coverage about the benefits of exercising while pregnant, even some specifically about Crossfit.  Of course there were haters but really I was the only one that could make the decision of what to do!  I did research and made the decision that was right for me.

ger 2

What did I decide?  Well if you were a member of streets over the last few months, you would know that I worked out until I was 35 weeks pregnant.

As the weeks passed I may not have been pushing to increase my weight but I did hit some PPB – what I called my “Pregnancy Personal Best” and that kept me motivated.  I aimed to workout 3 times a week, keep moving and keep myself healthy as I prepared to welcome my baby on the way!

Exactly 5 weeks after my final WOD, my husband Jonathan and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world!   Here she is!! Welcome Aveley


My labour, what can I say – it was long!  BUT my recovery has been great!  4 days after giving birth I was out shopping with Aveley.  I truly think I can attribute my quick recovery to the fact that I was active until so close to my delivery date.

It is now 2 months since Aveley’s arrival and I am ready to get back to FITNESS!  My doctor has given me the go ahead, I feel good and it’s time!  I started with some light movements yesterday and it felt great!  Who knew someone could be so excited to step foot into Streets! I had a permanent smile all day.

Do I have progress to make?  Absolutely!  I gained 40 pounds during my pregnancy, but I’ve lost 25 as of today.  I’m excited to get back to fitness and I’m committed to my health, not just for me now, but for my family!

What lies ahead?  Some serious commitment to fitness that’s for sure!  I know I won’t be able to make it to the box as much as I did before, so I’ll be focused on good eating habits and even some home WODs.

For anyone out there expecting and wondering if Crossfit is ok while pregnancy?  I say yes!  My experiences were all-positive.  My suggestions: ask your coaches for guidance and listen to them!  It’s still ok to push yourself when pregnant but you have to listen to your body.  Your coaches can only guide you so far – you are the one that truly knows how you feel and what is needed to keep you and your little one safe.

Tomorrow.. I’m hitting my 2nd WOD since being back!  I can’t wait to hit some PPPB’s – Post Pregnancy Personal Best.   It only get’s better from here!  Stay tuned!