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Can You See Yourself In One Year?

Can you see yourself in one year? I can.

I see you. I see you progressing. Getting better depth. Getting stronger pulls. Getting abs! Better technique. Opening up those lungs. Working harder. Working smarter. Making improvements. I see you.

You don’t see it do you? How could you? It’s a YOU you’ve never experienced. I have seen many “you’s” before- yet, the enthusiasm for each person grows each time a new “you” is on the horizon. Unsure. Misguided. Lacking confidence. Unclear vision of the future “them”. I see you though. I’m proud of you now and proud of what you’re working towards.

I see you hit a body weight back squat for reps. I see you clean 50lbs more than when you started. I see you smash pull ups for reps. I see you run faster, jump higher, interact with eye contact and confidence. I see you take on challenges outside the gym. New job. Relationships. Tough and long days. You dominate them. I see you. A boss. Handling your shit. Eating better. Sleeping better. Having more energy. Trying shit that scares you so that it doesn’t scare you anymore. I see you enjoy life more because you enjoy YOU more.

Yes, check yourself out in the mirror, you earned that shit! I don’t want to see you there lol but you get what the message is. I see the confidence. Proud to be you. A better version of yourself because of your hard work, dedication.

That timid person that didn’t think you could, DID. That person lacking ability. ABLE. That person who was unsure. CONFIDENT. Confident from results. Measurable results. Data from the workouts. Measurable and repeatable data to PROVE you are a better you.

Can you see yourself in one year? I can…

– Coach Dan

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