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Change of plans for the next two Saturday’s

Change of plans for the next few Saturday’s. The 5Km run will be on Sept 6th at 9am. The Fitness Retest will be on September 13 at 9am.  10am will be the Comp class but you are encouraged to come for the 9am’s as well. 9 and  10am class still available for the last two […]

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CrossFit Apparel

CrossFit Apparel Do you have everything you need?  Or do you have too much? Think through everything a CrossFitter might have in there gym bag.  3 Pairs of shoes, long socks, knee sleeves,  shorts/pants,  compression shorts/pants, weight belt, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, gymnastic straps,  gloves, a compression shirt, and 5 roles of tape.  Anything else?  […]

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July’s Member of the Month, Manu Sharma

For our first member of the month we would like to introduce to you, not that he needs an introduction, Manu. Manu was one of our first members here at Streets.  He has always been a joy to have here.  He has a great attitude, and always works hard. Which we know when he starts […]

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Competing, Training, or Practicing.

Competing, Training, or Practicing, do you know which one you are doing? First lets look at Competing. A competitor competes in competition.  I know,  sounds obvious right? If we are competing in CrossFit we are competing in the Open, Regionals, Games, weekend comp, Video Comp, or something else that might fit in this category.  You can […]

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Remember why we started doing ths stuff.

Recently I have been brought back to the reason why we started doing this stuff.  When I say we, I mean people. There was a time when I was working out only to be as big and strong as possible.  I was young and impressionable, I was in the gym only because I was unhappy […]

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Be in the know

Don’t miss out in being in the know of what is happening at Streets. Canada’s new anti-spam law goes into effect on July 1st. There are so many things always happening here at CrossFit Streets and trust me you don’t want to be left out. Be sure to update your preferences here it will only […]

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The Easy Way or The Hard Way

You can do this the Easy way or the Hard way…. what about the right way? I have been in this industry for eight years now and there are two extremes to people who come into the gym.  Now not everyone falls at one or the other side of the spectrum but you might be […]

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Weaknesses: What are yours and what are you doing about it? First things first, lets establish what your weakness is.  Easiest way to do this is to ask yourself what the top two or three things are that you don’t want to see on the white board.  The things that you check at 9pm (when […]

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Streets Happenings

What is happening for May and June Checkout our new programs Pose Running Streets HOCKEY Programs Adventure Race Training Ladies ONLY Program, Cardio and Core Pose Running Clinic – May 24 – June 5. Adventure Race Training – May 26 – Aug 23. Couples Throwdown Competition – May 31st. Ladies Program Launch Party – June […]

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