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Why we do partner and team workouts…

So you look at the workout and it says “teams of 2” or “teams of 3” and and you may do one of a couple things 1.) panic 2.) get fired up 3.) make eye contact with someone you know. But, you may not know many people yet.. you may be new to the gym and be looking around at a lot of unfamiliar faces. Like Grade 9 gym class. This feeling sucks.. we do not want that to be the case… We do the partner and team workouts to help you get to know more people at the gym outside of the whiteboard briefing, pre workout stretch or post workout clean up and chat. We do the workouts for a variety of reasons..

1.) To build relationships between two people who otherwise would not spend time on earth figuring out and accomplishing a task together.

2.) To reduce the amount of time it takes to set up and clean up equipment!

3.) To set up an opportunity to cheer for someone else doing something good/cool.

4.) To set up an opportunity to be lifted up by the inspirational message or body language/effort of another member.

5.) To learn to communicate in a variety of ways including but not limited to grunts, eye contact, hand signals, wooooords lol or even telepathically. Either way, learning and building better communication inside the gym, under some slight duress (the workout) so that you are better prepared to communicate in similar situations outside the gym….

6.) To create cool and unique handshakes. It’s just fun.

7.) To generally have some fun with a person you DO know ! Your wife, husband, friend, son, daughter, girlfriend, boyfriend or WOD buddies.


  • There is a reason group training, partner and team workouts work… See the reasons. Better team work and experience with team work inside the gym will help it for when you are with your family, friends, co-workers and other groups.
  • You are not holding anyone back, we’re here for a good time and a sweat; not to qualify for something like the Olympics with the Tuesday workout at CrossFit Streets.
  • Count. Math is hard. Over communicate during the workout with your numbers.
  • (Current and experienced members) -> Please, continue to pick a new partner! Be the person to ask. Look someone in the eyes. “Hey, want to partner up?”. Man that feels good saying and imagining that. It’s an amazing feeling to feel and makes my heart full.
  • Next time a partner or team workouts is posted, just show up. You’re entire world could change for the better and honestly, it’s just fun.

That’s all I think I have to say about that for now.

Love Coach Dan


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