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Okay now breathe again. Take a second to take in air. This is the reality. Let’s accept it then let’s take action.We got this.

This is all cashews and almonds. Okay, now what?

So we are all stuck at home. Madness. Physical isolation. Routine flipped upssidedown. Kids. Work. Food. Unknown future. Madness. It is not ideal for anyone….

    • Control what you want to set out to do today/tomorrow. Make a list. Check things off : )
    • You control when you wake up
    • You control if you get buried in Netlfix and garbage screen time all day.
    • You control what you set out to do that day
    • You control when and if you work out
    • You control if you are going to be productive with the extra time at home
    • You control if you are willing to learn new things
    • You control what you’re going to put in your mouth that day
    • You control your perception of the unfolding events
    • You control what media you choose to consume and for how long you choose to consume it
    • You can control if you are cleaning out an area of the house you’ve left for a while
    • You control if you read books.
    • You control if you listen to podcast.
    • You can control if you get outside, safely, for a walk
    • You control if you prepare your home for a longer than expected stay at home.
    • You can control if you want to practicing your breathing, meditate or find a way to relax.
    • You control if you want to reach out to someone for any reason. (People are there for you).
    • You control your attitude.
    • You control your healthy hygiene habits.
    • You control a lot
      • You control a LOT.
        • You control A LOT
          • You CONTROL A LOT
            • YOU control  a lot.

FOCUS on what YOU can control. Every day. Now and later on.


Love Coach Dan


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