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Stay Connected.

Are you spending a TON of time with your family these days? Maybe you are, maybe you are not. Maybe you don’t have family at all. Maybe they do not live close by. Maybe you have created your own family with a group of close friends. Maybe something else. Maybe you just like to talk to animals and humans are not your thing…

CrossFit Streets is family to a lot of people in that we support each other in tough times, celebrate successes, listen, are honest to each other, push each other to be better, support in failed attempts, nudge each other to be better, encourage healthy behaviors and discourage unhealthy life choices …

I currently have a weekly scheduled day and time for catching up with the following people on Zoom:

  • Streets Team
  • Mom
  • Dad and Step Mom
  • Brothers and sisters
  • Oma (grandma)
  • Neighbours
  • University friends
  • Local friends
  • Streets members
  • PT clients
  • Corporate Clients
  • Former Streets staff
  • Many more

Set a day and time so that you can catch up and stay connected. Face to face is obviously better but Zoom is a great second options 🙂 We can control the effort it takes to staying connected.

Love Coach Dan