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Just show up to the gym.

You’re going to be late for class? just show up.

You are having a busy time at work? just show up.

It’s really hot outside? just show up.

Your kids are making you go nuts or keeping you busy? just show up.

You ate pizza for lunch? just show up.

You are battling with a personal family issue? just show up.

Your back, shoulder, knee etc is sore? just show up.

You’re “tired”? just show up.

The workout looks hard? just show up.

You pretended to be a rock star on the weekend? just show up.

It’s a team workout and I don’t want to let others down? just show up.

It’s really cold outside? just show up.

You are sore or have a nagging strain? just show up.

You have to do a bunch of stuff tomorrow, you’re sooo “busy”? just show up.

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah… just show up. SHOOOOOOWWWWWW UUUPPPPPP!!!

Get in your car. Drive to the gym. Walk in the gym. Do a workout. Everything else can wait, your health can not wait. It’s urgent. Get in now. This week. Being active is urgent. Now, this week, NOW!!! It’s the summer, you work, you may have kids, you have stress, it’s nice out… you have all these reasons and more to NOT go to the gym. Pick the one reason that gets you to the gym (being healthy for your kids, losing weight, stress relief, looking and feeling better), 3-5 times a week, EVERY WEEK. I am not saying you come in and smash every single workout with 100% intensity, I am saying that you 100% attend, physically, to the facility you pay money to have access to, 3-5 times a week, every single week regardless of what’s going on outside the gym. #lifestyle. You may have to come to a class time that you’re not used to. Crazy idea! The reason you aren’t coming is likely in your head. Get out of your head, get into the gym. Don’t be lazy. BE driven and benefit from those decisions. We can’t sleep for you, eat good food for you, drive your vehicle for you to the gym but we can help you with scaling a workout due to injuries, mobility, programming, instruction, learning new stuff, discussing food, keeping you in check, giving you a great motivational hour of health and fitness when you show up. So,


Love Coach Dan.


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