Crossfit Streets

Dan’s Den

Do you remember?

Do you remember walking into the gym?

Do you remember what it felt like signing into the ipad for the first time?

Do you remember what it was like in your first class?

Do you remember those emotions? Those feelings? Excitement.. Nerves… Numbness…

Do you remember how tough some of the movements were? Technique. Strength? Mobility?

Do you remember and notice that everyone already knew everyone…

Did someone say hi to you? Did you start to feel connected? Did you feel a little more at ease? Did this allow you to work harder because you were more comfortable?

We need YOU to help us make new members welcome. Look a person in the eyes with a smile and say hi. It means everything and costs nothing.

This is the time of year that we start to see new faces.. people who have been on our website for months,  humming and hawing over if they should try CrossFit, unsure, lacking confidence, feeling like they can’t do it… but we know they can. We can help them become a part of our community by simply saying “hi,my name is ____, welcome to CrossFit Streets”…

Do you remember?

Love Coach Dan