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Re-post from 2016, still applies 🙂

Hard Work

Hard work does not always beat talent, but it comes close…a lot.

How hard are you really working? At eating better? At being a good friend? At being a good husband or wife? At self development? At CrossFit?

Are you actually working hard or are you scared of your potential? Are you worried that if you work too hard, you might actually put yourself in a foreign head space or physical state? Or, worried that you might have to work THAT hard again. Worried, maybe that you will expect more from yourself?

I’m not talking about making a “I’m working really hard” face then not actually working hard. Or talking about hard work as a self defence mechanism. I’m talking about exposing your inner self, who you are, what you’re capable of, with the very real possibility of failure in front of others. I’m talking about putting extra hours in and not feeling weird about it for a second, because you want it, a better you, badly, working very hard when no one is looking, when you do not get recognized for it. Ever. Working so hard that other people look at you, get a sense of what you’re doing, then think “this person is fucking crazy, what is wrong with them?” It’s the type of hard work that scares and inspires other people.

Yes, working extremely hard in a CrossFit workout might make you puke. Yes, attempting a bigger lift or another rep (with perfect form of course ???? presents the possibility of failure. So what? Are you content with just existing? Going through the motions? Making excuses on your stunted development? Not having a pull up when you SHOULD HAVE A PULL UP…Ya…real talk. Do you have any idea what your potential is? Do you care?

It’s exciting to think that as you read this, you may be a more kick ass, bad ass, strong ass version of yourself in the coming months and years. If you work hard. Not fake hard work, but the hard work where you lay your shit on the line and accept that yes, this next couple of minutes is going to get real uncomfortable and I am going to head into the pain cave. You’re also thinking: I don’t know what’s on the other side of this effort coming up and you know what, I do not care. I’m going for it. Let’s go for it. Row a little harder. Try a little fucking harder. Hold better position while your heart rate is sky high. Focus on technique when you can’t feel your face.

Don’t be cool with doing the same thing every week. Improve. When you tell yourself you can or can’t, you’re right either way. What’s it going to be? Someone else is better than you at this or that, who cares. Someone else has been doing this or that for longer or has a newer pair of shoes or shorts or shirt on than you, who cares.

Hard work doesn’t always beat talent and you won’t always win but let’s make the huge, fun, curious and rewarding effort together. I assure you it’s worth it.

Coach Dan