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Gum, Water Bottles and Headphones.

Gum: yes, we don’t have gum on the gym floor. because it’s dangerous for an athlete to work out with while their heart rate is up. because it WILL spill accidentally and find it’s way onto our well established clean and tidy gym floor. No gum, at all, ever, for members and coaches, while on the gym floor.

Water Bottles: yes, we don’t have water bottles on the gym floor. because it will accidentally get hit with a foot, kettlebell, dumbbell, barbell etc and spill on our well established clean and tidy gym floor. It will spill… It will, if we’re not proactive. water bottles continue to not touch the black flooring, or boxes, it will spill, don’t do it. Be the best at this and help re-enforce.

Headphones: yes, we anticipate and expect human interaction to some degree when you are at the gym, yes we anticipate and expect you to be able to hear what your coach is saying… “it’s a long run outside, I need my headphones”.. no you don’t actually.. sorry. Wear your headphones at home, after work, before work, at work or any other time you like obviously, but not while you’re at CrossFit Streets. We want to talk to you, for you to hear instruction, to hear encouragement, to speak to other members in the midst of the workout, roaming in Open Gym, interact, build relationships and seek out human interaction so as to strongly support each other in our pursuits of a healthy lifestyle. Headphones punish that pursuit.. Headphones destroy that. You do not need them on but you also have LOTS of other times in your day and week to wear them : )

Love Coach Dan

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