Crossfit Streets

Dan’s Den

“Streets Social” !!!

We hosted an awesome party last year that revolved around fundraising money for the Assault Bikes you love so much. This year we’re not only fundraising, we’re roof-raising. Let’s have a party! Celebrate reindeer and elves and each other and the great environment that you have all help build at CrossFit Streets. The “Streets Social” starts at 7pm and ends by midnight.

Things to look forwards to:

– Drinks!(wine, beer and scotch)
– We’re going to do a PotLuck table to keep things easy.
– Optional Euchre
– Games
– Classy music
– FORMAL ATTIRE, no gym clothes.
– Adults only

YOU. Yes YOU, our Streets member reading this can and should show up. Show up to this type of stuff. Bring your significant other. Stay a little or stay a while. Attending will help you get in better shape in an indirect way. Attending will help you feel more comfortable working really hard with people you know by name, help you feel comfortable showing up more often, help you get and stay connected with like minded people who workout, eat well and like to have fun.

If you have any questions, please ask one of your coaches.

Love Coach Dan