Crossfit Streets

Dan’s Den

Five Year Anniversary.

Saturday, Feb 2nd we are celebrating FIVE years at 2905 Argentia, Unit 4. It’s crazy…

Tarah and I felt so passionate about how much CrossFit had influenced our lives in that we met, fell in love, started a life together all because we met at Reebok CrossFit Firepower through volunteer work for Fire Fighter Appreciation Day. We knew that we could bring the same awesome environment to the Peel Region if we were given a chance. We were. My old bosses George and Andrea Savard gave me opportunities to learn, things to think about on how to improve as a person, a great deal of responsibility and experience and ultimately a push, to go open our own affiliate to grow the CrossFit community. Tarah already had a business background having owned and operated a Telus and her own very successful Fishing company named “FisherGirl”, sooo let’s do this. We applied for an affiliate to CrossFit HQ. They approved. We made a business plan. Found a building. Bought equipment and started to offer CrossFit to the area. Andrew Gawley and I coached the majority of the classes with his wife Lisa also helping us start up. We then had coaches come on at various times to continue to help the community build. Dane Horvat, Kristina O’Connor, Steph Swayne, Dan Albergaria, Jen Young, Shantel McLean, Paul Buchan, Devin Morgan, Lindsay Veltman.. All impacting the gym in various positive ways. All departing for positive personal reasons. We’re very grateful to have been supported by these coaches and could not have operated without each and every one of them. We also could not have opened or operated without the help of Krystian and Kim Stringer who helped us with metal fabrication for the plate wheelies, scissor lifts, the lounge fence and much more. We could not have opened without Liam O’Connor either who helped us by tearing down them neatly framing the lounge you see now, building the wood for the handstand wall, building the racks for the barbell and helping set up equipment. We are forever grateful to those who helped us at the beginning to get this thing off the ground.

From 2014 we have grown into what you see now. A kick ass and growing, supportive, improving, driven, funny and passionate community. I have to pinch myself on a daily basis if it’s all real. The blank building turned into five year old bumping CrossFit gym. YOU have helped make this happen through providing support or paying for a membership then showing up or improving/leading by example or helping friends, co-workers, room mates, family and significant others join at the gym.

Thank you.

Thank you for helping the gym get to five years of existence. Thank you for choosing to continue to be a member at CrossFit Streets. Thank you for helping us grow. Thank you for working so hard and improving so much….Thank you for having fun. Thank you for helping a new person adjust to a new environment and saying hi, how are you. My name is….

On Saturday, Feb 2nd we will do workouts at 7am, 8am, 9am and 10am with a 20 person cap. Following the workouts we have Social Eatery booked for 12:30pm for 50 people. If you’re coming to Social Eatery then please sign up at he gym at the main whiteboard or let me know. If you can make it, great! If you can’t then thank you ahead of time for your impact on allowing CrossFit Streets to reach a major small business plateau. Five F**king years in business baby! Hopefully many many more great years to come.

Love Coach Dan