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You vs You.

(Apologies for the delay.)

I like to reflect on how you are progressing as athletes, human beings etc within the gym on a daily and weekly basis… Some of you have been making huge, incredible and magnificent strides towards becoming better human beings and athletes. It’s like you ditched your old self and are this new bad ass version of yourself who can take on so much more that the world has to throw at you. So many of you impress me in a variety of ways. Your spirit. Your support for one another. Your straight up effort. Your consistency. Your attitude. Your progress. Please take time to reflect on who you were vs who you are now. It’s really cool! We are constantly evolving as humans in a good or bad way through what we do each day. What we choose to take part in each day. How we choose to think. How we choose to react. Who we choose to be around.

Take some time to relish, recognize and build off of who you have become along your journey at CrossFit Streets. It blows me away every week, fire me up and I love being around you.

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