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The CrossFit Open It’s that wonderful time of year again where both coaches and members are talking about “The Open”. You hear about past WOD’s, the feelings members had when they did those workouts and you start to have questions popping into your head: “What is the Open” “Should I sign up?” “Am I ready?”

“What is the Open”

The CrossFit Open is an annual event that brings CrossFit gyms around the world together to do workouts posted by CrossFit HQ. On Thursday, Feb 22nd at 8pm and the 5 weeks following CrossFit HQ will disclose a workout for the week. Streets and all other gyms in the WORLD will do that workout. We do that for five weeks (5 workouts). In the world of elite athletes, this is one way to obtain their ticket towards the CrossFit Games. However, 95-99% of us do The Open for another reason. At the CrossFit boxes all over the world, this is an opportunity for YOU to have some fun with your fellow members, cheer your friends on; do a workout together that is bigger than yourself, challenging and a relfection of your hard work and determination. It is just a workout. Repeat that, it is JUST a workout. We do workouts every single time you walk in to the gym.

“Should I sign up?”

Yes. You should sign up. Not because it’s a competition, but because the Open is a time where you can showcase all the hard work you have been putting in at the gym. It may be scary, but you have been facing your “fitness fears” every time you walk into the gym – remember that time you attempted your first push up? started OnRamp. Did 20 squats in a row? Did a box jump? Did a tough Row workout or maybe that time you tried lifting a heavier clean. Or that one time, you got your first pull-up. This is no different.Train the same and remain the same. We are meant to be challenged, to adapt. Let’s take on the challenge together!

“Am I Ready”

Honestly, probably not, no one ever is! Do what you can, be apart of the community. Experience the spirit of CrossFit. You do not need to do every single workout RX’d to be deemed ready for the Open. There are multiple divisions based on the age group you fall into. There’s a Scaled Division and an RX division. Maybe one workout you hit RX and another you hit Scaled. Who cares. Do your best. You have options, and all the Coaches here at Streets are here to help you through it every step of the way. Maybe you’ve been a member here for 3 months, maybe you’ve been a member for 5 years; regardless, this is a great opportunity for you to get together with your friends on a Friday night or Saturday morning and workout like you would any other day of the week!

Happy Fitness!

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