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Take some times once in a while to reflect on how far you have come. We are never “there” or where we want to be but shit, a lot of you have come a LONG way to become the new version of yourself that you are now. Reflect once in a while. Appreciate yourself. Appreciate your efforts. We all have more work to do and we’re going to do it but man! you’re becoming a capable version of yourself. Part of a healthy mindset is some brief appreciation for our past efforts to 1.) Have confidence in ourselves in the pursuit of new challenges 2.) Take yourself out of a negative mental hole on a bad day where things are clicking 3.) Tell/or let us tell your story to someone who is starting out.

I am so proud of the members at Streets who are working their tails off to become better. You’ve been doing it on purpose. You are great stories of inspiration to new members. Some of you have taken on attendance challenges, cleaning up nutrition, adding mobility, working at mindset, working at skill development and strength.. IT”S AMAZING.

We’re not “there” yet and to be honest that is an abstract theory that really may not have a finish line or definitive day or time attached to it. We are however striving for self improvement and it sure is fun being around all of you as we chase being better versions of ourselves.

Take a second to reflect. Acknowledge you and how far you’ve come… Then, get back to work !

Love Coach Dan

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