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Everyone has “stuff”….

– Family stuff
– Friends stuff
– Health stuff
– Kids stuff
– Work stuff
– Energy stuff
– Motivation stuff
– Being faced with failure stuff
– Telling yourself you’re busy
– Poor time management stuff
– Getting distracted
– Not actually caring about your well being
– Different goals
– Different interests
– Slowed progress
– Expectations
– I’m hungry
– It’s too Hot.
– It’s too Cold.
– I was on vacation last week
– I am traveling for work
– What.Ever.

Lots of stuff. Everyone has stuff. EVERYONE HAS STUFF. Yours no bigger and important than mine, mine no bigger and important than yours. It’s just stuff. It’s life. The magic happens when you put whatever stuff you are dealing with aside for that day, week or month and recognize that it’s not the most intense or important things in the world and honestly probably not as bad as other people have it in your life and around the world… it will likely pass… Then, SHOW UP TO THE GYM. Be active. Find a way. Sacrifice something else. No matter what. Recognize, we all have stuff but that that stuff should not stop us from attending the gym, being active and taking care of ourselves so that we are better able to deal with that stuff.

Everyone has “stuff”… It will not stop. It’s life. We will always have stuff. Show up to the gym. Work hard. Eat good food. Have a good mind set. Take care of yourself first. Then go tackle your stuff.

Love Coach Dan

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