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Showing up to class is great. Doing the workouts is great. If that is all you want, then great. You will continue to get fit and healthier. If you want to be apart of something on a little or much deeper level, show up to a social event at CrossFit Streets. We do them to hopefully encourage members to connect with other members; and because fun.


Email with your idea.

Sat, June 8th, June 15th and June 29th: Beach WOD Prep at 11am – 1pm.

Sat, June 22nd: “Streets Meet”. Mock Olympic Weightlifting Event at CrossFit Streets at 11am.

Thurs, June 27th: Teachers WOD at 5pm!

Fri, June 28th: Streets Golf Tournament at Braeben Golf Course at 3pm.

Sat, June 29th: Grip Workshop at 9-10am with Coach Dan.

Sat, July 6th: Multiple members are competing in a fun event named Beach WOD in Collingwood.

Sat, July 13th: Wine Night at CrossFit Streets at 3pm.

Sat, July 20th: Streets Triathlon at CrossFit Streets at 11am.

Sat, Aug 24th: “Murph”.

Sign up sheets are at the gym on the whiteboard. Let us know if you have questions.

Get out of your shell!

Love Coach Dan


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