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Pre-Workout Sequence.

When you walk into the gym, what do you do?

  • Talk to someone about your day
  • Stand for 5-7 minutes before class starts
  • Fake stretch
  • Joke around with buddies
  • Talk to the coach
  • Get into some mobility that will help you with the workout

The correct answer? A little bit of everything! Except the fake stretching. Don’t do that.

An easy pre-workout sequence:

  • Bike/Row/Run for 3 min (blood flow)
  • Windmill x :20 seconds a side x 2 sets (glute, hamstring, shoulder, thoracic mobility)
  • Stoney Stretch x :90 seconds with orange or purple bands (pec/chest stretch)
  • Wall Slide x 15-20
  • 90/90 x 5 to 10 reps/side or :60/side
    • If time is left over, hop into:
      • Shoulder Routine
      • Band Walks

If you don’t know what this is, we can help. Ask. We want to help you

Please take the time you have at the gym to improve yourself. If you are not strong yet in one area, or stiff, or something else, let’s address it through action. If you have a weak core, we probably need to plank. If you have a weak back, we likely need to do back extensions. If you are tight, stretch. If you are unstable, stabilize. Your coaches want this for you.

Please be productive with your time when you are at the gym so that you improving.


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