Crossfit Streets

Dan’s Den

Social and Event Reminders:

Sat, July 13th: Raptors WOD for all Classes.

Sat, July 13th at 9am: Grip Workshop with Coach Dan. Get a grip!

Sat, July 13th at 11am-12:30pm: Snatch Clinic with Coach Chris and DJ

Sat, July 20th at 11am: Streets Triathlon

Sun, July 21st at 10am: CrossFit Streets goes to CrossFit Brampton

Thurs, Aug 15th at 7pm: Bring a Friend!!!!! Contact Coach Ginette and DJ for details.

Fri, Aug 16th at 7pm: Guys Night -> Beer and Barbells.

Sat, Aug 17th at 8am: Nutrition Workshop with Coach Ginette. (Bring a loved one!!!)

Coming up in September:

  • Cardio Club/Bootcamp with Coach DJ
  • Strength Program with Coach Dan
  • Tough Mudder (Sept 14th, ask Mike Burns)
  • Kettlebell Workshop.

Check the main WOD whiteboard for sign up sheets. Don’t be oblivious and miss out. READ the page then if you have questions let us know and we’ll get you sorted. 

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