Crossfit Streets

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Do you want to help CrossFit Streets GROW?

Here are the ways you can help:

  • Get your person in contact with
  • Buy a Discovery Session for them (it’s $30+hst). We’ll take it from there ; )
  • Bring your person to the gym and just show them the gym then introduce them to other people.
  • Bring your person to a Nutrition workshop.
  • Bring your person to a Bring a Friend WOD.
  • Let your person know about Specialty Programs at Streets:
    • Cardio Club
    • Babes and Barbells
    • Clinics
    • Workshops
    • Skill Sessions
    • Strength Program
    • Ladies Bootcamp
    • Private Training

If you have experienced something positive from being a member at CrossFit Streets, we ask you to help us help others.

For the many of you who have. THANK YOU. Very much.

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