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50 Cal Club!

Before or after a workout. 50 Cal on the Rower or Bike. Low-medium-high intensity, you choose. Just get 50 additional Calories done on the Rower or Bike before or after class so long as they are not being used by the next class : ) Write you name on the “50 Cal Club” sheet on the white board. Lots are doing it! Keep it up. It’s a great and easy way to warm up. You get to the gym, get on a bike or rower. No thinking. Just doing. Just action. Want to get crazy? Hundy Cal Club !!!! For now. 50 Cal Club. Do it? Ask someone to join with you? Talk about the WOD. Talk about your day. Regardless, be moving on the rower or bike. The body wants to move. Make it move. You got to move it, move it….

Love Coach Dan (and DJ, it was her idea!)

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