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CrossFit is 24 hours a day…..

We work out for 1 hour, maybe 90 minutes a day. 4-6 times a week. That is on average 4-9 hours a WEEK of working out. You are likely actually working out for 10-40 minutes in each of those hours…

My point?

CrossFit is the other 23 hours you have in your day.

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Stress management

CrossFit is competitive. You competing with Netflix or Sleep. You competing with junk food or quality food. You competing with worrying about uncontrollable things that perhaps stress you out or finding ways to truly relax……

The competition is for the 23 hours away from the gym and is eternal and very personal.

The great thing? Lots are member at Streets are waking up every day and competing with themselves along with you. Trying to kick some ass. Looking to be better versions of themselves.

Continue to compete, with yourself. CrossFit IS the hour you spend at the gym. It’s burpees, intervals, hero workouts, team workouts, strength training, sprints, mobility and all that stuff. It’s more about the other 23 hours in terms of your decisions at a restaurant, when you look in your fridge, when you grocery shop, when you go out with friends, when you look in your cupboards, with how you relax, with how you create better scenarios for you to sleep…

When you get deep into it, the hour of workouts is actually the easy part. Show up. Be instructed through a warm up and workout, with others. Then leave. The other 23 hours or so hours away from the gym are the hours that count. The hours you need to perhaps be more honest with yourself…. The hours that help you become independent and sustainable in a healthy way. The hours when no one is looking. When no one is instructing you. You are not in class. You are alone. Making adult decisions about what to eat and other healthy or non healthy stuff.

What will you do with your 23 hours away from the gym? Good things or things that sabotage your future you?

CrossFit is 24 hours. It’s your choice what to do with those hours 🙂

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