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1.) CommUnity

We are trying to build a club. A thing that you are apart of that surrounds you with being active, working harder, eating better and having a positive mindset. We do a “question of the day” before class that allows each member to state their name and answer which lets other member get to know that person and each other. We do partner workouts that force communication between two human beings who may or may not know each other well, let alone know how each other communicates under duress. We do team workouts that does the same thing as partner workouts but with another personality, physical ability etc involved. As your coach, it’s a beautiful thing to see communication barriers broken during team workouts. It’s cool to see athletes support each other, to celebrate each other, to encourage better from each other. To count.. counting is hard.

We do social events both Female only, Male only and co-ed. These are great ways to connect with other members with no impending workout. You are not a CrossFit athlete during social events, or a Mom/Dad, or the job title you have or anything.  You are you and it’s cool to get to know THAT person. Part of a healthy life involves being connected with other human beings. To feel part of something. We strive to provide it in structure and with organic situations. We only ask that you are open to being apart of something special. A CrossFit commUnity. We hope that what we provide is more than or different than what you have experienced before.

2.) Programming

You do not have to head to the gym and think or mull over what you are going to do at the gym that day. You could arguably just do the classes, 4-6 times a week, and be super fit. Obviously there are additional things you can add in before or after a workout to help build up your weaknesses (which is encouraged), but you get guidance from your coaches on structure for that that you do not have to think about and create on your own.. Our programming is well rounded. You will do gymnastics (body weight movements), weightlifting and conditioning. Often and in a variety of formats with different demands from the body. We ask that you show up, often, willing to learn, willing to give an honest effort and just trust your process. we are seeking out a well rounded program that has you ready for anything that comes up outside the gym. Lifting something heavy, being moderately active for long periods of time, sprinting then resting then sprinting again etc.. We train and workout in a way that hopefully helps you feel prepared for any physical task that comes up outside the gym because that my friends, is life.

3.) Coaching

We teach, practice and enforce movement quality over intensity. We want you to be a better you and will help you along the way with education on how to move correctly inside the gym/outside the gym, how to assess and improve your nutrition.. your mental health.. you mobility… you’re weaknesses. We want to help you with your goals. We want to constantly, respectfully, push you to be a better version of yourself. We see a future you. We believe in a current you. We do the same workouts you do. We feel you. We want to educate, inspire and entertain. We want fitness to be a really fun thing that excites you each time you think about it and every time you are done it.

4.) Care

We will text or email or call you if we haven’t seen you in 7-10 days. We want you to show up to the gym. I am disturbed and distraught when people do not show up to the gym that are paying for a membership. Maybe not the best business mindset but whatever. It’s my biggest stress. Missed opportunity to become a better you….

We give a huge shit about if you are reaching your potential as a human being. If you are progressing; “you vs you” type progress. We care if you’re down and celebrate when you’re up. We want you to reap the benefits of CrossFit that has hit our coaches and members on a deeper basis, in their soul. That nugget of fitness that somehow captures everything (getting in great shape, being challenged, learning new stuff, being apart of a village)… We want you to be a better you even when you don’t know or think it’s possible for you. We have seen doubt. We have seen negative self talk. We have seen people who take medication, who are over weight, who are not strong, who are not at their best….. Guess what? We have seen perseverance. We have seen transformations. We have seen change. We have seen adversity being over come in the most bad ass ways. We have seen special things happen with body composition, performance, human connections/relationships… So forgive us when we are very confident in our gym and its process and how pumped we are to share it with anyone who is willing to give us a try.

Yes we charge $160-200/month. Yes we are worth it. Yes you are worth it.

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