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What is RX?

There are weights shown on the whiteboard like 135/95 or height on a box jump like 24/20 and other examples of RX….. These are certainly things to strive for and promote progress with you. A goal to keep in mind, a stronger you, a more fit you. Keep an eye on them in terms of long term progress.

So, what is RX? In terms of longevity, injury free, progress, application to the outside world and personal accountability: RX is the movement. RX is safely yet aggressively pursuing a better you. RX is doing things correctly. Kicking ass as a parent, at work, doing your chores, being a good friend, applying the things you learn at the gym to the outside world. That is RX.

Think about that movement part…. Doing the movement to full range of motion, doing the movement the way it is suppose to be done, with intent, correctly, safely, with progress in mind, over and over again.. That is RX.

RX stands for  ‘prescribed’. We should interpret RX as a movement quality instead of set weights for barbell etc. That doesn’t mean it’s always a slower drawn out version. It means you do the movement with perfect technique. That is how you progress, safely.

Our intention at Streets is to use CrossFit as a way to practice the best version of what you are doing that day, at times quickly, yes, at times a little slower, yes, but always your best version or body position, technique and effort. Your best version. and then a little better. Saying it’s your best and acting differently is dangerous and unsafe. Like when the coach isn’t looking you revert back to a reckless movement because you want to go faster… Walk the walk with subscribing to moving the best. It’s hard to do. You will get feedback, every day. You might feel like it’s tedious. It might be but what are we doing here? We’re setting you up for being independent physically when you become 80 years old. Move better. Ask yourself to move better. Put some responsibility on yourself to move the best in your class today and moving forwards. Movement trumps intensity.

A LOT of you have taken this on and let me tell you, it’s f**king awesome. Thank you.

Make your focus the movement. Make movement RX.


Love Coach Dan

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