Crossfit Streets

Dan’s Den


  • For showing up
  • For changing your nutrition
  • For participating in partner/team workouts
  • For interacting with new members
  • For working so damn hard
  • For your Google Reviews
  • For improving
  • For having a positive and growth mindset
  • For losing the weight
  • For referring Streets to other people.
  • For paying your bills on time
  • For taking great care of the equipment
  • For showing up to social events
  • For showing your kids that working out can be fun
  • For finding yourself…
  • For seeking out new information via workshops, course, programs.
  • For doing mobility lol
  • For working on your weaknesses
  • For a variety of other things that I hope you know we appreciate you for.

THANK YOU for being a CrossFit Streets member.

Love Coach Dan

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