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4th Annual In-House Competition

We use the word competition and automatically I can sense many people cringe. This event is NOT for the elite. It’s for CrossFit Streets members!! It’s got flexibility with what the workouts are in terms of tailoring them to what makes sense for and is safe for YOU. It’s with people who you already work out with. It has no awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd but we have prizes for Effort, Team work, Form, Costume… You will have a really fun time and feel very accomplished afterwards. Yes, it’s on a Saturday. Consider making an adjustment!! : )

Workouts run from 9am to approx 12pm. Do some, do them all, do you.

Yes it costs $75.00 +hst. This is going back into the gym for equipment upgrade and maintenance. Mostly to buy more chalk…. kidding.

What do you get?

  • A sweet and memorable shirt
  • 4-5 fun and challenging workouts in one day
  • FREE BCAA for athletes
  • A feeling of contribution to your communities equipment
  • A sense of confidence having completed the workouts
  • A chance to win some cool prizes from 3DHS, Imag, Trulocal, Tak3Action, JaktRX and more.

Step 1: Look at your phone.

Step 2: Schedule it in.

Step 3: Email

Oh, and here is WOD #1….

“Treat Transport” (AMRAP 8)

– 10 x SA DB Deadlift (5/side) 50/35
– 10 x SA DB Hang Squat Clean (5/side)
– 10 x SA DB Push Press (5/side)
– 10 x SA OH Lunge x 25m
– 10 x SA OH Lunge x 25m (other arm)


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