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Where will you be in the future?

Do you ever give thought to where you will be physically, mentally in 5, 10, 20 + years?

Do you want to be the same?

Do you want/need to change?

Are you willing to adjust your habits and change for the better with nutrition, mobility, attendance, effort, attitude?

If things are not going the way you hope with weight loss, performance, energy, sleep, being stiff, human interaction.. Are you willing to change something ?

Do you want to be the exact same version of yourself in 5, 10, 20 years or do you want to be a better YOU.

CrossFit Streets doesn’t care where you are to start, we don’t compare humans with other humans. We simply ask you to look yourself in the mirror, in your soul, and ask yourself “Can I be a better?”.

This may mean you look more people in the eyes, smile in public, talk to other humans beings, try harder at chores, try harder at empathy, try harder in your workouts, in doing mobility, in nutrition decisions, try stuff that scares the shit out of you, be kinder, call (not text) a friend, lift others up, be a better example to your kids!  Whatever being a better you means, do that. Then, seek out something else, and be better at that.

Let’s promote, encourage and aggressively pursue being a better version of ourselves, every damn day, so that in 5, 10, 20 years we are towering images of our former selves : )

Love Coach Dan.

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