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Merry Christmas

Who helps/impacts you the most in your year…..?

How do you show that person or those people appreciation?

  • A coffee gift card?
  • A bottle of wine or that persons favorite drink?
  • Tickets to something?
  • A gift card for dinner?
  • Food?
  • Flowers?
  • Something else?
  • Pitch together with other people and get something for that person?

If you have had someone in your life go out of their way, relentlessly, on a daily basis, for weeks and weeks, months and months, to help you positively influence your life in some way; Do you show appreciation to them at Christmas?

Also, we’re having a big ass Christmas Party on Sat, Nov 30th at 7pm. Do what you have to do to suppress or manage your social anxiety and get to the party. Dress up fancy, or don’t, just show up and be part of the community at Streets for 15 min, 3 hours, whatever. Show up. You’ve known about this for literally 4 months and it’s not during the holidays month. Human beings hanging out with other humans beings.

Potluck styles. $40 ticket. Money goes to equipment. Games. Picture booth. Fashion show!. Drinks avail on site. Spouses are welcome. No Kids!

Love Coach Dan

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