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How to juggle it all.

Honestly. Who knows! I have no idea how my parents did it with 4 kids all in sports. A colour coded calendar, insanely busy holidays schedules, both parents working a lot.

Question: “What’s for dinner?”. Answer: “food.”

You just do it and do your best, give yourself some breaks, never be lazy, if you mess up -> tomorrow is a new day to be better,  never complain, just wake up and get after it with gratitude in your heart that you have the things you have in your life… Let the gratitude fire you up to attempt to juggle.

You may have kids, family, work, friends, fitness, home projects, someone gets sick, celebrations, bouts of low times, a weekend passes in a blink.. so much shit is going on around us all the time. How do you juggle it? Tricks and tips from trusted friends and peers who are doing it better than you? A lifestyle guru? A podcast? Who knows. All of it?

However, what are you priorities? What are you spending time ‘talking’ about and what are you spending time “doing” aka taking action? Are you spending a lot of time thinking… thinking.. thinking.. in your own head, or just saying ‘screw this!” and going to do the things you want to be doing. The whole 168 hours in a week, 24 hours in a day thing.  What do you care about getting done or being done at the end of your day, at the end of your life..? Who do you want to be? Where is this blog going……? What do you want to get done? What do you need to get done? Have you made this list? Have you prioritized this list? Can this list change? (yes). Do you give a shit what others think about you and how you live your life, your list, your goals? If you do, start there. Stop caring about how others think about how you live your life. Sure, some consulting, self reflection, guidance and considerations is healthy to build a better you. But do you. Always. Next, prioritize the shit that matters. Scrap the rest. If working out matters to you, do it. If working out, your current and future health doesn’t matter more than time with friends, laying on the couch or tacking on extra hours at work, then don’t workout…but the consequence is an unhealthy you (along with being weak, sick etc).. but again, that might not matter to you yet or ever over and above other stuff you have going on in your life. It might matter a great deal and you probably don’t even need this blog post right now 🙂 Which makes me really happy in my soul. If a set day and time for family dinners matters to you, protect it viciously, if it doesn’t, then don’t. Apply this to all things. When you start to ask yourself what matters, not what you think should matter or what will appease your friends and family, you may start to have a more clear, light, productive path towards getting it all done. What matters to you when you have one day left to live….?

Things that matter to me:

1.) My health (I’m useless to everyone I care about in my life in many ways without it. Includes fitness, nutrition, sleep and solo down time for reading, mobility, music, yes, watching sports)

2.) Time with Family. (eye contact, real talks, no devices, cook together, a movie, tackle chores, have adventures, talk about future, joke around, just be together.)

3.) Everything else: As it comes up, assess and prioritize its importance. However the two things listed above are most important.

Take this for what it is. You do you when it comes to setting up your priorities and trying to juggle it all. Some weeks are better than others. Try to find a reasonable balance between (a) asking more from yourself (b) giving yourself a break because you’re doing pretty good with this whole life thing. There is no right answer as we all have different life landscapes… Be open to change. Self assess your efforts often.

See you at the gym.

Love Coach Dan

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