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How to stay driven..

1.) Gratitude.

– Honestly. Life is way worse in certain areas such as third world countries and pockets of North America…. Life in Canada is, on it’s worst day, amazing. The access to amenities and a quality of life with human contact, fresh air, resources and no threat of war is very pronounced. Wake up with the act of being grateful with your thoughts, actions, words. Don’t ‘talk’ about being grateful, or hashtag/post to social media about it then walk around and complain verbally or refrain from living your best life…. Visualize, perceive, think, act and TALK with gratitude. Smiling, being cheery, laughing then complaining verbally is still complaining verbally. Complaining is not a conversation starter. Stop it. Maybe talk less if the only thing you say is a complaint? I’m not saying everything is sunshine and rainbows, bad shit and days and weeks and months! happen… We get over worked, stressed etc. However, even on our worse day, others in our world have it much worse. Remember that. Some people in other countries have it much much worse. You being able to read this are privileged in that you have a device that is connected to the internet, you have you means to pay for the device and internet access, you have the time in your week to read a blog post. Some areas in the world, many, do not have this luxury nor will they ever. We must remind ourselves of how amazing our lives are in Canada regardless of if we get sick, injured, we argue, we disagree, stress and worse. We are still privileged and should exude tremendous amounts of gratitude on a daily basis. I can’t listen to you complain about mundane 1st world problems things while others in the world are dealt a brutal hand. Buck up, life ain’t so bad. Africa and other third world countries are bad. Yes, it’s cold. Yes, it’s hot. You have a sweater and likely have air conditioning or access to a cold drink…. Being areal human being and being sad VS complaining are two different things.

**  These post are to tackle day to day stuff. Death happens and it sucks. Streets is trying to help it suck less with the gym being a place to workout while you are experiencing sadness.. to help you see light and help you overcome sadness through accomplishing physical tasks/being distracted from your sadness. Complaining about 1st world problems VS experiencing death to a loved one are two different things, to be clear. Sadness should be felt, deeply, for a length of time perhaps matching the closeness you had to that person in order to pay emotional respect to them before getting back into the light on your day to day. See the light in the darkness.. it’s the lights on at the gym !**

2.) Surround yourself with people who work harder than you, who are smarter than you, who are more skilled, experienced and better at stuff than you then try to keep up.

3.) Continue to ask yourself, “what the fuck do I want in this life?”. Then go attack it like a crack head but without the crack part.

As always, take it or leave it. You get one shot at life, everything you choose to do has a consequence, good or bad. Do whatever you want 🙂

Love Coach Dan

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