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So you think you’ve reached a plateau….?

Things to consider that you might not have. You might just need to re-frame how you assess yourself within the gym setting. Get an outside perspective (not just in passing or a quick brief comment post-WOD, a real and honest assessment from your coach… take that feedback, take action). Also, you might have plateaued…so now what?:

  • You might have to do less WOD’s for a period of your year and more other stuff. Other stuff includes:
    • Gymnastics focus: Working on them until they are YOURS. A Push up, A Pull up, A Handstand push up, A Ring Dip etc. This may mean skipping a WOD (what???) and allocating distinct time towards the things you are not good at with gymnastics. (what???). Your barbell and WOD’s will thank you. It’s tough, but it will help break up a plateau. Talking about 1-2 months here, not a day. 5 perfect reps of that gymnastics movement even when you have the flu.This means better/perfect practice reps, not more practice reps of bad or sloppy reps. Supervised practice reps! Video recorded practice reps! Not “hey I think this is good, or good enough, screw it, more more more”
      • Go strict: Do all your gymnastic movements with zero kipping. Tailor reps in a workout to perhaps 75% of what is asked as strict is tougher than kipping. Achieve 5 reps unbroken of that movement, then, re-introduce kipping. This might take a while.
    • Lift with more intent/detail: Make every single rep you do perfect regardless of the weight. Every single day starting in your warm up. Make THAT your focus. Not your amount of weight, your WOD time, your meaningless score (sorry that might hurt) or anything else. Make the movement your focus every single rep. This includes tempo (the pace of going up and down), pauses, speed and reps…Do this for 1-2 month (actually forever) and see what happens.
    • Entitlement: You are you not entitled to progress every month on a linear path from Day 1 until today. You’re life may be different in terms of workouts in a week, the type of workout, your recovery or lack there of, your nutrition or lack there of, your sleep or lack there of, your stress…. You may have progressed a great deal and are now only able to see progress in smaller ways versus every day being a PR when you started. This is life! You likely need to assess and re-assess nutrition, attitude, intensity, practice time, sleep, alcohol consumption, stress management, injury management and the things mentioned above and many other factors to continue to progress each month. Also, take the small wins and move on. If you think every day is a PR Party, you’re doing it wrong.
    • Try Harder: ya ya Dan, I do try hard. Welllll….. who is assessing that? How does it show itself? How is it defined? Do you want it assessed? When and what are you trying hard on? This is not to say that you are not trying hard! but, have someone else assess it. Ideally your coaches.
    • Sign up for a Specialty Program:
      • Nutrition with Tatiana
      • Physio with 3DHS and/or Ramesh.
      • Strength Program
      • Cardio Club
      • Babes and Barbells
      • Gymnastics Program
      • Workshops
      • Private Training (not once but perhaps weekly/bi-weekly for 30-60 min for 8-10 sessions)
      • Access Open Gym. If you show up, we will add more hours. If you do not, we will not.

Doing more WOD’s is not the answer. Sometimes less WOD’s, more mobility, gymnastics, strength bias, nutrition, physio is the answer. Also, sometimes doing more WOD’s is the answer! You pay us a monthly fee to help you figure this out. We are always here to help.. If we tell to do you something (1.) Do it. (2.) Remember it by writing it down, get a tattoo etc; it’s not our job to remember everything for you. We love to educate and consult but not remember stuff for you. Think long term, act short term. Remind yourself of when you started and the progress since then, it’s bad ass!

Love Coach Dan

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