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Merry Christmas!

How to be successful at CrossFit Streets:

  • Just Show up.
  • Be better with your nutrition.
  • Work on weaknesses.
  • Journal your progress.
  • Be Coachable.
  • If you’re stiff, stretch.
  • Attend Social Events.
  • Participate in: Private Training, Programs, Events, Specialty Workshops, Courses. (at some point)
  • Workout on vacation or during business trips.
  • Technique BEFORE intensity.
  • Strict BEFORE kipping.
  • Zero complaining. #positive.attitude.
  • Talk to other human beings at the gym aka learn a name, set up a future workout?
  • Assess glute strength, core stability and shoulder health. We can help.
  • Educate yourself via podcast, books and articles. #growth.mindset.
  • Act short term, think long term. Enjoy the ride.

If you choose to disregard, it likely will not work out at Streets and you’ll live with regret for not becoming a better you. If you are already doing these things, boom, you know what’s up and this blog post isn’t for you and THANK YOU for leading the way.

Love Coach Dan

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