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My New Years Blog.

Honestly, Thank you for choosing CrossFit Streets as your gym. We feel the love and hope you feel it back. We are thankful that you, current members at Streets, have stuck around through many things to help us evolve, grow and impact more and more lives each year. Going into our 7th year Feb 1st, 2020. What???

I love my Wife. I love Madi. I love my parents. I love my fucking dog. So much. I tolerate my cats. and I love you the members at Streets. It’s tough love because we are a gym and we talk about some of the most uncomfortable conversations at times: your daily food choices, your effort, your form/body control, your attitude, your mindfulness, your physical weaknesses or limitation, your ability to interact with others and more. Those aren’t easy things to be assessed and given feedback on, I get that, but they do need to be addressed and we ARE a gym. Our business literally depends on YOU building a fitness habit, improving and then sharing with others by living your best life aka recruiting. We are a gym.  We are a gym that likes to have fun! But we are a gym. A fitness center. First. A gymnasium for adults to pursue being better. Not a local business where we just say whatever! and you stay the same and time goes on. Fuck that. Small improvements are still improvements and we get that and everyone’s end game is not doing a CrossFit comp, or lifting really heavy or qualifying for the Olympics. Road blocks arise and things happen. The way you are doing things might be wrong…You might get feedback that is tough to swallow, but accurate. It’s all love. Always. It’s all support. Always.

Resolutions are a thing that prompt action for some.. Great. Do that if that works.

What do I do? What I need to do every day to become better. Wake up earlier, read, listen, consult, relax, grind, more coffee, sleep, workout, eat good food, be grateful for what I have and be willing to adjust if shit isn’t working! Do that.

Regardless, my life and the great things I have in it that I am grateful for is not possible without CrossFit Streets -> CrossFit Streets is not possible without it’s members. The life you have is likely inspiring someone around you to live a better life. Don’t let it stress you out. You do not need to give advice on to others. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Day after day until you are a better version of yourself, then, continue. Then we die with all these cool experiences, memories, connections etc of what it felt like to really be alive.

Thank you for choosing CrossFit Streets as your gym.

Love Coach Dan

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