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Apologies for the delay. Some back-end/website hick ups !

It’s January.

It’s cold. The weather is bipolar. Less sun light. People get sick. It happens? It doesn’t have to happen as deeply and as frequently as you think. Yes, we live in Canada and it’s awesome. Life isn’t every going to be perfect. Generally, get to the gym 4+ times a week. Learn to pull audibles which generally means you apply a potentially different course of action to a scenario than originally planned. If you are sore, tired, mentally grumpy -> show up and use the work out for good. If you are sick, stay away from the gym : ) but if you do get sick, now ASSESS -> what can I do to contribute to a stronger immune system? How can I help myself be less likely to get sick? While I am sick, is it safe to stay active?  Maybe a big walk, maybe push ups / air squats, maybe plank, maybe all. Maybe none. You likely should not work out with the flu.. I hope that is understood.

We have a Nutrition Talk coming up on Sat, Jan 18th that covers the topic of “Surviving Winter with the Right Supplements“. Bring the supplements you are currently taking to this talk. Members and non members are welcome. Bring a friend? Bring a co-worker? Bring a neighbor? Bring a family member? Sign up sheet is at the front or ask a staff person to help you out.

Love Coach Dan