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What to do at the gym before class starts ….

So you’re at the gym, great! You made it. Phew. Now what?

  • Watch the class before you workout and stand there for 7-10 minutes? No
  • Go on your phone and act busy? No.
  • Sit on the couch and chat it up? No

Here is the best way to utilize the short time you have at the gym

  • Look at the boards (front, main WOD board, Nutrition, back). This will get you connected, informed and make you feel part of the CLUB. You are part of a club by the way.
  • Get moving: Bike, Rower, Skip… 3-5 minutes of mindless movement to promote blood flow.
  • Where are you stiff ? -> DO mobility with foam roller, lacrosse ball, bands etc
  • Where are you weak? -> GO activate/stabilize with bands, singe leg exercises, core stuff..

These are valuable minutes! 5 min before class is a lot of time. You can talk and walk here but if you just talk, you’re not able to walk and if you can’t walk, you will fall down. Make sense?

If you need a pre-workout sequence or a run down of pre-workout mobility/activation or post-workout accessory work -> Book a coach for a 30 or 60 minute Private Training session. This is not a conversation in passing, it takes time to make something custom for you and for us to show you how to do the movements correctly which is why a PT is required for if you don’t know what to do.

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